Monday, 23 August 2010


Summer 2010 is not quite over yet, but its end has been signaled to me!
On Saturday last I arrived home from France after a two and a half week visit I was totally relaxed after a wonderful stress free time.
With only one week of the childrens summer holidays remaining I have set my self the goal
of completing several housekeeping tasks to set myself up to go at it again with renewed vigour!
I finally came up with a plan for cost effective data back-up which I must now implement
(more about this on completion)
I Need to finally take down the Dadofoto website and replace it with a David Monahan one.
I must physically tidy up my workspace after a hectic july.
And once more slap some order on my life.

I am quite delighted how things went this summer and it looks like things will be better next year for all involved in this fragile province of the photographic world.
The photoIreland festival has pledged itself to educate the Irish to understand and appreciate,the role of photography in our society.
Personally I was heartened to see some great works during its early july schedule
and I feel they will help to elevate photography to a similar level of appreciation it receives in other countries.
For Me the highlights of the summer where as follows,
The fantastic home exhibition in North great Georges street.
The Healthy and stimulating debates and discussions around the photoireland festival.
The fact that I was hired by the photographic archive to print their next exhibition(launching next week).
Getting three shots done in july for the Leaving Dublin series
The success of two of Students I had the pleasure of working with this year.
two of them Jeanete Lowe and Tom Scott made it into the R.H.A. summer show.
And to cap it all Jeanette then goes and gets into the London National Portrait Galleries,Taylor wessing prize show. Well done to you both!!
The fantastic series shot by Matthew Thompson for ulster bank, dublin theatre festival,pure magic!!

All of the above have done a lot to renew and elevate my enthusiasm for photography
so thanks to you all!!

So,now that I am home I have completed my postcard site of holiday photography.
As an added treat for those interested I have included a chronologically sequenced set on another page to counter the random splash effect of the postcard site,click here to go there.
and please tell me which works best for you!

Thank you for taking a seat and reading this post.Incidentally the chair above is part of my summer gallery,I bought two of these pink formica topped beauties and a table for €10 at the amazing Emmaus community warehouse in St Brieuc

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