Thursday, 18 September 2014


The webpage has just been launched it was put out there as I was showing some work in Dublin Castle yesterday and I wanted my audience there to come up to speed quickly about what I do. Also I want the book to be a success and I suppose that is measured for me in how many copies I can move in the first two months or so.
Another reason is that the De Luxe edition will only be 150 in number with 27 of them reserved already it might be a good idea to reserve yours before it hits the shops.
You will get it at the good price of €150 and for that you will get a numbered signed copy of the book in a beautifully orange cloth case and a signed and numbered print of a shot from the "Leaving  Dublin" series.This book of over 300 pages will feature all 84 images from the leaving Dublin series,an edit of the empty Spaces series and an edit of the visitation series along side critical,historical,literary and personal essays and other intriguing information from the life of this compelling project.
It is important for me to stress that anybody who pledged support in the crowd funding campaign can upgrade their contribution to the De luxe edition from their initial contribution.If you wish to do this email me direct at for instructions.
With limited numbers and only one print run of this edition.
This will be the one for sure!
In getting the last few shots together for the book I visited the S.C.R. Dublin, La Défense,Paris and Portlaoise.It is and still remains the biggest run of my life cramming so much activity into one year and making huge efforts to make things happen and happen in the right way.
From here it would appear that all is still on track and the book will be available for launch within the first two weeks of November.
It was a great pleasure to meet with Jose Carlos Lorenzo He returned to Dublin after some time spent in Miami Florida,USA.He has now left Ireland for Barcelona,in his own native Spain.We had a great chat and of course a fantastic laugh talking in the Garden at Noshington cafe on the S.C.R. in Dublin.
Success will follow him to Spain for sure!
Shortly after this shoot I was  spending some time with family in France when I got a  mail from Paris which left me with no alternative than to travel there by car and get a photograph of Emmanuelle Pinjon and her now Husband Guglielmo Casu as they are now happily awaiting twins!
We met close to there home at the Grande Arch of La Défense and wow what a big arch it is!
They appeared happy, confident and well settled into Parisian life after a couple of years.I look forward to see how things progress with the arrival of their babies.
Lastly a trip to a Portlaoise brought me face to face with a now dear friend whom I last saw in Perth Western Australia almost 2 years ago.That persson was Elaine Bannon . It was a total pleasure to stay for a couple of hours with Elaine as she prepared to jet back to Perth and I left her Mothers house with a bag full of the nicest apples from the tree she is pictured beside. I have placed her beside another dear friend  Keiko  Furamoto who saved me a trip to Japan by  visiting Dublin a couple of months ago.This is how these images may appear in the upcoming book the one that I will start posting about now,in earnest.

 It would be great if you  posted all upcoming posts from me and shared them freely with all of your social networks as I feel this would greatly contribute to getting the word out there about the upcoming publication pictured above.