Friday, 27 April 2012


I could not let the morning pass and move on to the ordinary things of the day without first getting down a short reaction to beautiful experience which I had last evening.
I was asked to open an exhibition of photographic works by a group of students at my old college.
I accepted.

The exhibition was developed for the space over an 11 week period
the idea of the project to allow the participants to feel the entire process of orgainising an exhibition.

The venue Moxie Studios is large!
Avery big space.
Very impressive!
Now you would think that given the short period of time involved that some aspect of such a large undertaking would falter,after all there is a lot to do to make something like this happen.
But no.
This was a flawless endeavor.
The space just sung of the  professionalism of all those involved.
During my very short address last night I tried to draw attention to how the group had created from a single common theme a very coherent experience for the viewer.
Its a pure treat to walk through these works and to find that as well as all humanity being there a history of modern photographic practice also unfolds alongside the chosen narratives of artists concerned.
From Instagram,to holga,to pinhole,35mm b+w and colour,medium and large format film and digital.

Presentation formats where all very well considered and all the questions about presentation seem to have been addressed before the artists occupied the space.The result being that the viewer was treated to an array of different display methods,some framed some glassless, some pinned or clipped,some large,some small,but nothing that jarred and upset the flow and that is a real achievement.
I can only assume that the level of community within the group is responsible for the way in which this whole endeavor hung together and it is a testament to the artists involved and indeed to the quality of the tutoring they have received over the last years!

the show remains open till may 3rd so if your curious to see how its done,
or indeed you want to take a walk through the city in one space,this is for you!
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