Thursday, 21 November 2013


Its Hard to believe that its four years into the life cycle of this blog.
November 26th of November 2009 was the day I took the decisive action to post online and to develop some online projects.
135 posts later and a modest 85,000 page views I suppose it can be said that things have worked out for the best and my online life has spilled over into my reality and kept me very busy with exhibitions,making new work,planning for the future and coping with the trials and travails of trying to push work to the people!
Global Irish found me thanks to Jacolette,that led the wall street journal to my door,quickly followed by C.B.S.News and on it went till my work hit the walls in Dublin,Donegal,and than off to Melbourne.Siamse Tíre then Hosted a new show On Leaving which draws on all of my work on this subject and that was a greatest challenge and buzz to put together. Just arrived home the work now rests in large crates as it draws breath for its next big adventure as I try to push it across the atlantic.
In fact I have just launched a new website to help things along at

Just arrived home for a four week whirlwind  is Leaving Dublin Sitter Sarah Griffin who is here to launch a book penned in direct response to the experiences of moving.
The Fantastic Not Lost was Launched on November the 20th at The Gutter Bookshop Dublin and it was a delight to be there for a few minutes on my way to work.See Sarah pictured above and in  previous posts on my blogger pages here and here.
It was great to see the tears of joy and pride welling up as Sarah prepared to take the mike and get into the zone that she is so comfy in,the performance.
I hope to get a private audience before she flies off.
So much has happened in her life but I am not going to mention anything at all about that here.
You should read all about it in her book NOT LOST
Dug out the RZ for the shots above and devved up this morning before a stroll downtown to  see what gives.
Thanks Sarah for sharing the journey