Monday, 20 January 2014


Truth said there has been a bit of negativity and cynicism hanging around the Lilliputian for the last few posts. Now that the heat is off Ireland internationally, I suppose we should redouble our efforts to ignore the political to and fro-ing that makes Irish life so tedious and feel good in the knowledge that as long as nothing changes too much, the politicos, their managers, advisors, scriptwriters etc will keep that little industry rolling on forever and a day.
No more political entertainment here till at least 6 months before the next General election!

Lets talk about people instead. You know the type that featured in The Leaving Dublin project.
The hard working, motivated, living, loving leavers who had no choice but to cross the street to take a walk in the sunshine.
I have had reason to look out for them of late.
I have been curious about there lives.
What they are doing?
How they are getting along?
How they are settling?
How are things working out?
On Visits to London, Perth, Brisbane, Sydney,  Melbourne, Christchurch, Brittany and as some returned to Dublin for a visit or to resettle, I have met with lots of my sitters. Posts relating to these visits can be found here.