Sunday, 31 July 2011


I have to admit typing this post from a different machine in a different country has phased me a little.
There is no doubt about it that familiarity makes us all feel very comfortable and we become very cosy when we operate from inside our comfort zone.It makes the act of composition a very straightforward one.
But faced with this awkward feeling of typing in a different location really stresses to me the hugeness of all the people who have sat with me over the last year and a half
All of these people without exception have found themselves in situations which placed them far from  the comfort of their homes and families. One such person is   Glaucia Torres Quintanilha who spent 3 years in Dublin working as a child minder.Now she is returning home to that comfort zone knowing that things there will have changed somewhat whilst she was away. here is what she had to say

Thursday, 21 July 2011


Last monday myself,Artur,Ray,Mel,and Emma,were joined at Dun Laoighre Marina by Melanie Croxon a young Glenageary teacher preparing to take up a new teaching post in the Middle East.
We were also joined by Mels good friend and mine Jeannie Wenham a person who has put me in touch with many a leaver!
Jeannie and Mel have put out from this Marina on several racenights and over many summers and have enjoyed crewing boats as often as they could.
This is the place that means so much to Mel and she is very sad to leave it,but being a young out of work teacher is not in her plan so she is all packed and waiting for the word to go.

Monday, 18 July 2011


Meet Jurgen Alexander a young man with a future!
In this life we have got to strive for what we want. Through hard work and application all is achievable.
Jurgen has worked as designer to the wexford festival opera since graduating from the Grafton academy.
you can see some of his work here.
Jurgen  has aspirations as a couturier  and so he is off to study in London to fulfill his dream of becoming a major force in the field of fashion and  design.

Saturday, 2 July 2011


its been over 3 weeks since my last post and I am feeling a little withdrawn,but really glad to be back tonight.
I got caught up chasing a load of books around a copy stand and it took up way more time than it was supposed to.So sorry to any one who may have been hanging on for a post!! Sorry especially to Tady Walsh and his Wife Milena who I photographed some 4 weeks ago before they departed for Quimper
in Brittany(France).