Tuesday, 18 October 2011


Its been all of 3 weeks since my last post and this has given me time to reflect on the "Leaving Dublin"
project and assess what has been going on.

Yesterday I looked at an autumnal shoot from last November and was amazed to find that at that point we where still a sovereign nation (although only days from the bailout)
Looking around now it is very disheartening to see where we are as a nation and I understand why Emmanuelle  Pinjon And her Fiancee Guglielmo Casu are making a dash for the relative safety of Paris.

In Ireland we have endured Three stiff Budgets(one a supplementary affair) and lets face it things are pretty bad right now.But what do we face?
Another dose of austerity heaped on top of all that has gone on before.
This will have the effect of totally freezing up most of those in personal financial trouble,and there will be a renewed sprint for the door with Irelands inhabitants who can, dashing for the exits to whatever part of the globe will give them just reward for their toil and efforts.
I had hoped to finish this project by the end of this year but with the certain effects of another backwards budget  I expect it will be very busy right after christmas just after the family holidays.We have indeed returned full time to rearing our children for export.
But no worry there is lots of diversion as Irelands media and Government would have us  worry about which of the presidential candidates has the cleanest socks,the best plans for what to do with excess income,or the zippiest slogan(thankfully simply the best does'nt feature this time).
O.k. so Ireland has ceased to feature in European news but ouch this really hurts!! 
Guglielmo,an engineer, Like so many has felt the backlash of the slowdown in the building sector and has been out of work for some time.An Italian by birth he is looking forward to the challenges of a new city with plenty of oppertunities once he has mastered the language!The last six years spent in Ireland have been a good time for him and he is sad to leave. It would not be the case if he had his job still!
Emmanuelle has lived in Ireland for 15years her accent is clear and gives only a suggestion of her origins in the Loire valley.She has lived  in Dublin for the last  15 years where she has worked as an editor.She has found a position in Paris which fulfills her working needs,no doubt she will have a greater reward and a better lifestyle than here in Dublin.Although their move leaves Emmanuelle nearer family she is sad to leave the town and the friendships she has built up over her time here.
Both will miss the leafy strolls through Palmerstown park,the night time spotting of foxes,and the sheer silence so close to the city centre.
I wish them both every sucess and thank them both for pausing with me for this historical,heroic,parting shot.

Artur Sikora and Ray Hegarty turned up at very short notice to light this one up and did it beautifully!!
Down under the project has come to the attention of several Australian publications and I look forward to articles in the Irish echo newspaper and Tinteán a popular Irish bimonthly magazine to add to the articles listed below

Thanks if you have stayed with this long post!
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  1. it sure did!!
    thanks for lighting it up
    sorry you didnt get picture of our friend the fox

  2. haha...must get an external flash light for my mobile phone camera next time ;D

  3. Welcome back! Love reading
    your stuff Dave,Photo is great!!

  4. Big thanks Anon really enjoyed putting this post together!!