Wednesday, 23 January 2013


Its been a while, so before I launch myself into a new phase of posting I have something to put right.
Due to some confusion re release forms I was unable to publish this shot as it happened.
It was made last march outside the central bank of Ireland (a few weeks after the dis-assembly of the occupy Dame street protest)

Interestingly the shoot was arranged around a German radio show,and the imminent departure of  Orla Brennan and Eoin Mc Donnell.The radio show  chose the leaving Dublin project as an important story in a European context.The resultant program is available here if your German is up to it.
Orla Brennan and Eoin Mc Donnell left here and moved to Australia together to start a new life.
Both a huge loss to this country.
He is a doctor and she is a physical education teacher.Both have a huge love of sports and Orla played on the Irish ladies rugby team.Today on the radio there was a talk around the loss of doctors from this country as they look elswhere for a far superior work life balance,(no 24 hour or 36 hour shifts for example),maybe this was one of the reasons Eoin decided to move on.
The bank site was where they met at first for their first date so its a very special place for them indeed.
The publication of this photo comes as Brazilian photographer  Alline Romero posted a short piece on youtube shot on the night in question its viewable here.
Artur Sikora and Ray Hegarty were both on hand to fight off the rain with light!!so big thanks as always there.
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