Friday, 28 June 2013


Today marks the final day of Irelands E.U. Presidency  and the flow of people from this place has not subsided.Hundreds of thousands have left to date since the financial down turn.
Putting ones political head in the sand has always been the order of the day.
If we don't talk about it it will go away.
Lets tell a different story!!the good news!

That seems to be the approach.
The motto for our Irish governments term was the following Jobs,Stability and Growth.
If you take a very optimistic view the only area we seem to have made an impact would be on the stability front as we are still in the same sorry position as we were  at the start of the year when the presidency commenced!
Todays other news sees us slipping into recession after 6 months of negative growth.(That probably negates my previously over-optimistic stability point)Also after the appearance of the anglo tapes those who see the real architects of this realignment want to put duped, moneydrunk,gombeen Irish financial ex-wizards and retired alchemists,all into a big sack and beat them senseless. fantastic!!

Some day it will all come out!

When it does all of the real Perpetrators of these crimes against humanity will be well gone and we and other countries peripheral to the Euro project will still be carrying the can.
Henning Koestler came to Ireland in 2003 from Germany he has worked hard here and is now going to move to Berlin to take up a professional career there.As well as working in office admin positions and as a barman in Dublin Henning studied for and attained a degree from IADT Dun Laoghaire.
Ireland has changed dramatically since then even its last E.U.Presidency  in 2004was a different affair
when we welcomed enlargement with a big party in Merrion Square.
   Henning like previous sitters is deeply aware of these differences and this is what is forcing him to relocate,again the need to feel fulfilled,to feel a sense of worth,pride in a job well done,the job you trained to do.
Heres what he had to say. Since I moved to Dublin in Nov.2003,the city and its people have grown on me.Now that I leave ,what I consider my second home,I take many customs,friendships,and great memories with me.I do not leave  because I don't like it here,but see it as a  necessary move to grow professionally and face new challenges.
On the night Henning sat on my case in front of the Dublin port diving bell.A fascinating piece of engineering used to level out  the riverbed of the Liffey to prepare for the construction of the port and the laying down of giant cement blocks.In the far background sits the shell of the unfinished Anglo Irish Bank H.Q. a reminder to us that we to can move on from this moment ,just like Henning and so many brave others who have the courage of their convictions to move,and to strive to be happy.
Lets hope when Henning makes it to the other side that there is only the sweet music of success ringing in his ear,Sweet sweet music!!
On the night Ray and Artur did the usual big lighting job,bigthanks to them as always.
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one last thing! maybe someone can answer this in the comment ,have the above anglo revelations given us a new achronym PIOOMA,or did that exist before (my thought are perhaps it existed before
but I could be surprised)

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