Thursday, 29 May 2014


Whats it all about indeed! Young Irish men and women scattered to the four corners of the world and left there. Left to their own devices and succeeding.We dont really have to worry to much!
They are an educated bunch for sure.They will have no problems getting on.
 But there are loads of serious questions to be asked and conversations to be had about this process.

And I propose to open up this subject for discussion in  an upcoming book "On Leaving"  and with exhibitions in Three cities in The USA later in the year.

The Book will contain all of the 84 leaving Dublin series an edit from the visitation series and an edit from "a Survey for the Departed"And thought provoking essays around the current mass movements of our best and brightest.
In the images above we see Sean O'Dalaigh and his youn son Seb born in Holland Living now in Chicago. Below is Jule Falk,when I Worked first with Julie she was Julie Mitchel.She has married settled in Vancouver and is expecting her first child.
A large part of the conversation to come is on the transformative nature of emigration Most people that I have visited have had their lives transformed beyond their Irish imaginings,mostly for the good I have to say. But still their is a reluctance for our politicos to talk and share in the disemination of this information.

Help the process into being by going to and funding the publication of this volume by pre-ordering and paying for your copy of this work in advance.
If we get this part of the project over the line I have no doubt the the book will sell well and quickly become a rarity! so go for it. direct link here

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