Tuesday, 26 May 2015


Its been a long slow walk from there to here. It started in March 2010 and ended on December 11th 2014 with the Launch of the book ON LEAVING. The end of one journey so to speak , but the start of another. The volume has been produced and now it is my job to drive as many as I can to the site onleaving.com to buy this work, complete and sequenced as only a book can sequence a work in the way it was meant to be seen.This is the definitive presentation of this work and I am so proud of how it looks and feels in the hand.  In a very positive review Last week, photomonitor said the following of the work
Throughout On Leaving the notion of loss is successfully articulated in two different ways—visually and literally—and, more importantly, from two different perspectives. While Monahan’s night time portraits in Leaving Dublin and Griffin’s moving poem American Wake might focus on the individual in the face of uncertainty, Monahan’s desolate land- and cityscapes as well as his informal portraits speak of a collective loss: a loss for a family, or for an entire country. The loss Ireland suffered and is suffering today as a result of the Diaspora is mapped in the highly informative and equally poignant writings by Piaras Mac Éinrí, Noreen Bowden, and Jennifer Redmond, which accompany Monahan’s sophisticated photographs. On Leaving is both a valuable contribution to documentary and fine art photography, and an invaluable addition to the history of a people. ( Lisa Stein, photomonitor )

The fine work done by Designer Niall McCormack has to be seen to be believed and understood.
This book is a design masterpiece and it is bound together with a complex simplicity that adds so much to the work enabling it to shine a light on a phenomena of our times.

I want this work to penetrate and have impact through intimate networks of friends and individuals who have seen, experienced, touched and have been touched by this work. To that end I am offering
two volumes of the work up to you the readers of this blog who can direct traffic to onleaving.com.
Once you have yourself blogged,Posted,tweeted,facebooked,google+'ed, tumblered, or placed a link in the way of any audience you will be entered into a draw for a copy of the book on leaving.
This draw will happen once the work has found itself out there on one hundred posts.
All you have to do is post it and send me the details, either by mail to dmon@me.com, by fb message , or in the comments box below. Once the link is verified you will be entered in the draw.
Once the posts reach two hundred I will also make a signed and boxed deluxe edition of the work available by draw to all who have shared and encouraged traffic to the site onleaving.com

   I look forward to making the announcements  here and on face book and google plus when the work is won by two of you. Looking forward to your help in getting this work out there.
Thank you so much for all.

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