Wednesday, 11 December 2019

Blues Singer Puts it up to Us

About a year ago my brother Ian played me a track he was working on, he had recorded the piece with Dublin Blues Legend Ditch Cassidy.  Ians last outing with Ditch spawned the rough and tumble 'We Built This House' A track about the financial collapse of 2007/8 which was used for the titles in Donald Taylor Blacks' excellent Feature film  Doc 'Skin in the Game' Which also featured musical contributions from Christy Moore and Barry Mc Cormack
I knew when I heard it it was some thing very special.
Around summertime we set about making a video for it, Earlier in the year I had an idea about a mysterious man in a white suit which I though might work for this presentation.
The Idea to build a sense of intrigue through sound and vision is played out  in this video,
For me it works so well, who is he, how does he relate to the singer, how does he relate to the allusions of the song and where will he take us.
Any how Ian has chosen now to release this song on youtube, and because of its spiritual nature this is probably the ideal time for this release. In order for it to succeed and raise the profile of this fantastic singer to the national level he deserves this project needs your shares.
Please go to the youtube page direct from this link and follow the links to embed  and share the work in your social networking feeds.

I will keep you all posted on where the work takes us.
Loads of love to you all,


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