Sunday, 14 March 2010

Revelation ii

In a previous posting I discussed the Idea of getting inside a photographers head and listening to what they had to say about their work.
what they say is not always what you expect. Because, what you bring to their work when viewing is always going to be different to what they brought to the place in time when they made the work.
A better understanding of any art is to be gleaned directly from the artists own statements!!
so here is a couple of video clips relating to Nadev Cander a fine photographer whose work has universal appeal and a wide variety of styles.
one is in the form of a music video,it covers the diversity of the artists work.
and the other concentrates on one piece of work and takes the form of an interview. Here is where we learn what makes the artist tick!!

Please comment on the relevance of this post as it will help to shape future postings


  1. it's very often hard to guess whats an artist trying to say. If there is no clear statement, he allows you to interpret his works in your own way. And personally i think its interesting as its stimulates the imagination.
    I like what Nadav Kander says : "making pictures that describe how i feel when i am in the place". It makes photographer react spontaneous and pass on his feeling through the image. i like this approach much better rather then having perfectly prepared idea how and what to shoot. Final works becomes more personal. i know of course that its impossible in every situation. its depends on sort of photography.
    ...just my opinion

  2. A captivating video, leaving plenty space to enjoy the photography and take in the very worthwhile comments.

  3. hey Artur I see what you mean...but sometimes you want to know what,why,how.
    and welcome Eric,delighted to have your company!
    hope you have taken a look around

  4. You are absolutely right David. That's why i said "it depends on situation and sort of photography"

  5. David good timing!! I understand what your saying with above clips, Thanks!!
    Frank B.