Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Attention to detail

It is interesting how small details can add so much or take away from the success of a shot.
Here is an example of such.
Click on the image at the head of this article for a closer look.
Here you can see how i forgot to move the fridge full of film from under the desk before taking this beautifully composed and Animated shot of the tenacious Gráinne.
Here is an interesting quoteI came across in the book ANNIE LEIBOVITZ AT WORK and its this"Arnold Newman said that photography was one percent talent and ninety nine percent moving furniture"
Now I see the wisdom of this quote.
The image was shot on a h3d mk11 50
and processed using nik softwares bleach bypass filter set to about 30% opacity on a photoshop layer.
Alienskin bokeh filter was used to give the shallow focus.
For a gallery of effective small details please click here

as always comments will be appreciated as they help to shape this weblog!!


  1. i know what you saying. i had some unexpected items on my photographs many times..
    but in this case... c'mon David. i'd say this fridge with films works quite well here. its your work station so...

  2. that aint no work station its the family computer,
    but it does have a page from my website on it.
    it and the camera will represent me to Gráinne when she is older and looks back at this shot.so maybe the fridge of film is actually important historically.
    incidentally the out of focus negative photograph on the screen is that pic of Kevin o Higgins wedding photo
    a very important pic in Irish history(his best man was executed at his command soon after)
    oh, by the way thats a crown that Gráinne made herself from paper at the end of the couch

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  4. exactly David. I think all of shown details are very important. its great image

  5. Beautiful shot David! really like the way you composed and represent ideas, love the window light and how it is balance by reflected light beneath couch, I would never guess it is a fridge containing film but works really well with the sense of activity that would take place around the desk. Great shot!!
    Frank B.