Tuesday, 20 April 2010


I ts amazing how ones environment can look so different just by the way in which you approach it.
If you take a fresh perspective all viewers will be stunned by the look of what you have created out of the normal.
Such is the magic of photography.
I was joined last Sunday night by Julie Mitchell, A graphic designer from dublin who is out of work and heading to Vancouver Canada soon.She has been very committed to the process of making this work ever since we made contact some weeks ago.
From suggesting a location,reviewing location test shots,to costume,and even as far as helping with the final edit,Julie has been amazing and its been a pleasure to work with her.Although Julie is currently located in carlow,the shot was made near to her home of some years,Smithfield,Dublin.Her location did not hinder our wish to get this shot edited and up in a flash and we used the public folder of the fantastic idisk from mobile me to pass the full 145mb file back and fourth no problem.

Brian Daly and Artur Sikora were on hand again to handle the lighting stuff and make shure i was not flattened by a luas tram(tripod position very close to tracks)
the shot was lit again using the bowens esperit head and travelpac battery system
All editing was done in photoshop cs4 and final contrast was added by using the color efex pro bleach bypass filter on a layer set to about 20% opacity
So the LEAVING DUBLIN project project continues.I am hoping for some male participants in the next few weeks.
But again if any of you know anyone male or female who is about to leave Dublin for another country please direct them to this page.
I woud be delighted to receive comments on this and all postings


  1. This series is so good it makes me want to emigrate to get in on it :-)

  2. Great shot again David. I love the idea of lighting the trees around her. I'm actually moving to Philadelphia this summer for a year (sorting my visa once college calms down). Not sure if that might be any use to you?

  3. Ryan you are right in. will mail you today!!!

  4. David, I said that to you earlier there's something magic about the urban landscape!!This technique is getting better, batter and better!! can't wait to see the next shoot now!
    Ciao Gianni

  5. This one really pulls at the heartstrings.

  6. Think this is my favourite one so far


  7. beautiful work david! i recently emigrated back to Austraila and am embarking on a project documenting the lives of those who have come here in search of a 'better life'. Wishing you success with your endeavor!


  8. hi Claire,good to see we have friends out there!!
    please subscribe via email, and spread this one around,
    will be keeping my eye on your blog for your project,
    Whats it called?

  9. Hey Dave, its the other Dave from the Gallery here!Nice work, its so beautifully lit!I don't know if this helps either but am outta here to. We are moving to Finland in June. Although you are probably not short of volunteers at the rate things are going!If I don't see you before I head, already teaching my last class :( , best of luck!!
    Dave Flood

  10. thanks david will be in touch by mail to try and arrange a shoot