Thursday, 29 April 2010


Got very close to the heart of the city last night ,shooting by the G.P.O. Arcade on Princes street.
No body egged us but there was one large gang ,security,Garda,and several contract cleaners to contend with,
and trying to keep invisible whilst hanging around a corner with a photography rig is not easy.
But we did it
Ryan Cronin-Neillin was the subject tonight, A student about to graduate and get out,(how nineteen eighties is that!) the fate of many a student to come i fear!!
His location had a memory for him of two weeks spent working in independent newspapers whilst in a transition year in school.
Ryan a final year photography student at G.C.D.on the S.C.R.(very buzzy).he is off to Philadelphia in the summer for a year to start with and I wish him the best.
Artur Sikura and Brian Daly again maintained the peace by helping all to stay invisible between flashes.and a late shower proved my mac and camera to be watertight to a point
it is my intention to continue this project for some time so rather than it loose its momentum or indeed that it may stagnate right here on the pages of this weblog I shall endeavor to move it off to a dedicated site of its own.
once done i will continue to advertise it where i can in the hope of attracting more prospective emigrants to pose before parting.
So far its been very rewarding meeting,scouting,aranging,scheduling.I have enjoyed it very much and have already met some really interesting people.I was thinking of opening an account on viewbook
and was wondering if any of you used their portfolio pages to build projects?
opion on a good spot to continue to build this project on the net would be a great help.
Thanks for all the support for this and keep spreading the word about the lilliputian-its a photoblog for this our small world.
Please comment as it really helps my head!!


  1. excellent David. Ryan is very relaxed ;) its a good way of looking in the future.
    by the way... the light at Williams lane creates sort of way out form the dark corner we were working at.hah
    talking about viewbook...i don't know it but i looks quite similar to clikpik I've built my website's good service as well

  2. My problem Artur is I'm usually too relaxed. Just ask my lecturers/parents etc haha. Really like the pic. usually hate having my photo taken but was good fun.

  3. haha...i don't think it's a problem Ryan ;)

  4. the minimal location, and his expression are powerful in this shot. The space leaves a lot of room for thought, working with his contemplative expression.

  5. that was the most challenging location so far thanks for your continued interest in this work eileen it means a lot to me