Monday, 21 June 2010


Made it to France early yesterday morning on a glorius day after a beautiful crossing from cork on the Pont Aven.
All was fine when we made it to our destination, a tiny cottage in the middle of farmland just outside the village of Ploeuc sur Lie.
As stated in my last post I am hoping to Shoot some type 55 film whilst I am here.
I travelled light and just brought the linhof technika and standard 150mm lens,polaroid back,and a bucket for holding wet negs.
As an aid to composition,and as a tool in its own right,
I brought my H3d50 hasselblad,with waist level finder and sekonic meter.( I thought it might be interesting to compose and shoot the old fashioned way to see what i got.)
So yesterday Afternoon after a morning nap(disembarked boat at 5A.M.)I took the camera for a stroll and came back with the picture you see above.It says a lot about how I feel right now,full of hope and expectation for the weeks ahead!!
for some pics of the crossing click here i will add to this gallery as the weeks tick by.
as always click on the image above for a full size view


  1. this is what i call full relax. hah, I am jealous now :)
    looking forward to see bunch of fantastic photographs when you come back.
    all the best

  2. Great shots from the ferry Dave!! What happened to your Speed Graphic, did you change it for Linhof???

  3. that was a graflex super d (still have it ) but also have had a technika 15 years.
    will add to that album as the trip progresses!
    now on with the full relax!!

  4. hi, i like your new images in gallery