Friday, 17 September 2010


Wow,what a busy week that was.
There is no doubt that most of the population wished they where leaving Dublin this week
after the babblings of our Taoiseach.
What a guy!!
but he wont go away without a big sloppy fight,thats for sure!!
For me it was 4 trips to the 40 foot in Sandycove, Dublin,to case the scene for our latest caper.
Leaving us was Bernard Tyeres, A telecoms expert on his way to better things in London.
Let us wish him well!
this is some of what he had to say about leaving Dublin.

"I'll miss the good things about
Dublin (tasty Guinness, rashers, sausages, the 40ft Foot), but it's time to
experience some more of the world.
There are plenty of things I won't miss, but overtime I'm sure I'll forget them.
I'll be sad to be moving a little further away from my family, but in the world of
modern communications, I will probably be closer in some ways. And London
is only 50 minutes on a plane.

For me I have always had a love/hate relationship
with Dublin. When I wasn't here, I enjoyed coming back, when I was here, I
always enjoyed leaving.
Dublin has changed immensely in the past 11 years, in some ways good,
(walk down Grafton street and listen to the languages spoken, more cultural
differences, a change in mentality),and alot of ways bad (ridiculous property
developments, the whole Celtic tiger “I deserve it” mentality, living on credit,
terrible wastage of public monies, politicians continuing with the small-minded
attitudes), but it still has along way to go."

The 40 ft is surely one of the most magical locations used so far on this project.
The constant stream of air craft on flight path to dublin airport,
the ferries arriving and departing,
the bailey lighthouse flashing you every minute,
all of these things are screamiing for your attention,
but very quickly you are absorbed into the the environment and you loose your self in the beauty of this ancient secluded bathing place.
Whilst there I met fellow photographer Barry Delaney see his work here
Artur,and Brian again played a stormer,with Louise Roden coming along out of curiosity!
Don Sheehan helped put the final part of this work together.
To all of them, Bernard included, I am very grateful.
Big thanks Again to Noreen Bowden of Global Irish who has helped to shine a light on this blog and especially the Leaving Dublin project.
Thanks also to Darragh Shanahan for the lead on this one.
And Finally, lets hope Mr Cowan finds his way home!!
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  1. definitely one of the most challenging nights during work on this project. i still feel cold when i am looking at the image ;)
    ...and image is great. very well lightened. i can see now what was around ;)

  2. well had to go back to light the plinths behind Bernard as they looked shite dark!!
    hence the delay in posting.

  3. seriously? well, that's was worth to do it then...