Wednesday, 1 September 2010


Some days life throws you a ball and you have to run with it.
Up till now most of the "leaving Dublin" process has taken at least a week to a week and a half to get together. The final work really benefits from the process of planning and consultation with the sitter.
last weekend however,I picked up a lead form the Gallery of photography facebook page and followed it on to find that the persons involved where away for the weekend and leaving for Australia(via south Africa) two days after they returned to dublin.
So thanks to mobile phone email and facebook contact I was able to chat to Rae about location,
scout it on sat,post pics on monday,and make a decision that nigh on a location.
Last evening We met for the first time at the Suir rd luas stop on the Grand Canal.
Rae Green and Her husband,Clay Crighten are heading back to clay's home town of Rockhampton Australia,stopping off at South Africa for 5 weeks along the way,for one last adventure.Then Its back to find a new home and try to build a quality life.The type that is difficult to carve out in a slowly stagnating Ireland at the moment!
Good luck and good fortune to you both It was a pleasure to work with you on your last assignment before the flight!!
Techniccally we took a slightly different tack than usual because of the location.
we used on snooted bowens light as our main light, a barn doored (improvised by Brian and Artur) pair of metz 45's from behind to give depth to the sitters(you gan see some higlights on clay's neck and Rae's cheek,they are subtle yet significant).
All this was combined with a shutter speed of 1 second to allow some burn in from the ambient lights.
then we added some small sharp details from a 10 second exposure for a little more depth.
After the final edit a bleach bypass filter set to 30% opacity was applied on a layer.SO THERE!!
As always Artur Sikora,and Brian daly took it all in their stride And Hugh Mc Cabe Arrived ahead of us to welcome Ray and Clay on set.


  1. final image looks very good David. nice rich tones and colours. metz form the back gives great effect. that was good idea

  2. thanks Artur it was a tricky edit but i think I got there.
    hope all is well!!

  3. yep. definitely.
    all fine here. just trying to work out my stuff after work. night is my time ;)

  4. Big thanks to Mariane for sending some of her Sao Paulo facebook friend s my way.
    She used the sociable button to ad a link on her face book page.

  5. Interesting Portrait Photo......... the pose is quite traditional and reminds me of older portraits. They also look quite serious which adds to that and makes it quite intriguing.......
    How come you don't want them looking at the camera too? Do you want them to be thinking about leaving..... ??
    Interesting on many levels!

  6. you may or may not recall,but so far we have had one person looking at the camera.It was David will happen again.
    what we will see with this series is that styles and compositions will change and take different directions as the series grows.
    For me its the hand on the shoulder that is interesting as it was undirected.the pose is very historically aware although traditional standing and seating arrangements have been switched around.
    I only ask my sitters to look confident in themselves for the future.
    thanks for this inquiry
    hope all is going well in your new life!!
    congrats again on your taylor wessing triumph!!