Tuesday, 21 December 2010


Wow Its still bitterly cold in Dublin and Iv'e been out working in it a couple of times this week.
The project gets stronger and stronger as more types of people come forward for inclusion.I met Anna Vareil at a class I give at the gallery of photography and when she told me she was leaving Dublin
I showed her my project and she was more than impressed . Quickly we found a location and we got on with it.I was anxious to shoot a lot this week as my project was singled out byCBS news as a story worth covering.From their perspective emigration stories where old news but infused with the magic of beautiful photographic imagery those same stories become little nuggets of light lighting up the night sky of a very very cold,but interesting nation.
They wanted to film me shooting a shot so I arranged three shots over 2 nights just incase anything went amiss.More about this in our next few posts!!
We shot on Rainsfort street dublin(thats the Guiness hop store in the background),Aplace chosen by Anna Vareil
as deeply significant in her stay in Dublin.Anna spent over 5 years in dublin and worked as a credit controller with Deloitte and Touche is returning home to Bordeaux for christmas before moving to Africa to work with medecins sans frontieres
here is what she had to say
"Am I sad to leave Ireland? I would say yes, I will miss the irish people, their laugh, sense of humor and the way they know how to enjoy life. They have something authentic and true, the nicest people I have ever met!
I think that once you have been in Ireland for several years, ireland gets into u and I know that I feel now a bit Irish. I will always carry a bit of Ireland with me wherever I go! I have fantastic memories here in Dublin, I have met great personalities, and I will definitely miss my friends and the evenings at the pub!!! .
for this shot Artur Sikora and Gemma Geraghty looked after lighting quite fantastically
and Agnes Reau caught it all on video for CBS
thankyou for all the positive feedback to date.
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  1. that was really nice location and photograph came up perfectly!

  2. thanks Artur more to come soon!!

  3. great pic!
    the project is getting stronger indeed!


  4. hey Mariane,thanks!lots of hits coming in from this share you are the best!!

  5. Great that its going so well for you. i reckon if we can survive 2010/11 we will survive anything.

  6. Another great piece of artistry dave, case on track ,cool!

  7. super portrait dave, i love the guinness buildings in the background and anna 's modern clothes in the foreground...well done and i look forward to seeing the next ones...louise

  8. thanks Jeanette,Ian and Louise.lets knock the stuffing out of 2011!!