Saturday, 11 December 2010


Its been a very strange week or two.Ice and snow covered dublin and our great dictator continued dictating as if his tenure was assured no matter who he alienated.
On Tuesday we had a budget and I was delighted to be busy for the day.
The other Brian was on his feet at 3.45, I was finishing preparations for a class I was to give at 6 o clock.
All went well and afterward I drove direct to grand canal dock ,waited in the cold and was joined first by Artur,then Brian Daly.Gemma then arrived with Martina a friend and the subject of the nights shoot.
When Hugh Arrived we set off across the canal and got on with our business of the day.
Celebrating the greatness of another leaving this city.
I Missed it all,Lost in the glory of photography for hours!!
Here is what Martina had to say
"I'm returning back home, to the north-east of Italy, and I've lived in Dublin for the last 6 months. I worked in an art gallery and I fell in love with Dublin again.
I first came here in 1999 for a holiday and I always wanted to return and live here for a while. After such a long time (more than 10 years) I made it happened and it's been the realisation of a dream.
I could say that my favourite thing here are the people.
Irish people are unbelievably warm when you have the opportunity to know them.
I had a great time here and I feel grown as a person and ready for new experiences like this one. Believe me or not, I'm really going to miss this city and the last 6 months spent trying to be a dubliner...this city really suited me."

The one thing that sustains me through this very difficult fabrication in which we now live is the work that I do for my love of people and their spirit.The vast majority of people here in ireland are trapped in a shrinking world whilst those who choose to leave slip into a bigger space filled with hope and expectation for a good life ahead.
I wish them all success and thank them all for pausing a while with me,someone who wishes to celebrate their brilliance as they move on to greater things.
Now lets commit this entire cabinet to history.
Comments appreciated!!
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thanks to all


  1. Love the composition for this location Dave! Another great one :) j

  2. Martina looks almost surreal in here...cold night, she is in dress in the snow ...
    great photograph!

  3. Thanks Julie,the location research process really throws up some great spots,with some great dockside tools and indeed that fantastic sign!!
    hope to see you if you make it to Dublin over the christmas!!

    you are right Artur,
    and a central plank of this project is a dream like quality,
    so success!!

  4. Hi David, lovely shot , the snow helpt to light it up? well done!