Wednesday, 2 February 2011


Its clear at this point that momentum is gathering around the Leaving Dublin project.
Over the last two weeks there has been a lot of publicity,heightened by a CBS news story and several online news stories and print media stories.
here are a list of some of these pieces
broad had a piece called The Exodus
the had a piece highlighting the CBS piece
And also had its own take on this project with a link to a youtube piece from my last post also had a short piece about the CBS story
Later in the week I had a call from a Sunday Tribune photographer and talked to a very nice journalist John Downes he interviewed me and did a very good piece last Sunday.
Next Up is the Six One news(its here now 18.25 into the bulletin) with big thanks to their video journalist Philip Bromwell
and a few seconds in a piece by Saskia Dekkers re the new wave of Irish emigration on Dutch public television.
Considering this work is still in progress, and therefor has no P.R. machine behind it, one can only be amazed at the level of media coverage to date.
There is no doubt that the subject matter is very current, but even still I was aghast to be half way up a mountain on a shoot with two national T.V. cameras pointing at me.
Also we were ten people, a little more than usual for a shoot that usually needs about five.
Our sitter this time was the very patient and graceful Claire Ryan.we met at the foot of the hills at the Yellow house in Rathfarnham she was there with a friend Arni Haraldsson who joined us as we drove in convoy up Stocking lane towards the car park in Killakee.

Claire who has worked as a teacher and photographer has decided it is time to take herself out of town to try to specialise in photography. For that reason she is relocating to London a place where work in photography is plentiful even in these shaky financial times.
She says she is moving with a level of trepidation for what lies ahead but overall the feeling is one of excitement.
Heres to excitement Claire and I really hope you findinteresting work to do in London and continue to develop your photographic style!!
On the home front it is hard to comprehend the many twists and turns made over the last few weeks by our one and only Leader Brian Cowen. Now for some reason he is not even standing for re-election!!
No matter who takes over the ship after an election there is one sure thing. The view from the hills will still be the same,today, tomorrow ,and in five years time!
Big thanks again to Brian, Artur, and Hugh,for flawlessly lighting up this one.
Also big thanks to Phillip Bromwell for bringing the story to Six-one, And to Saskia and Peter to motivating all and sundry to get this together this week-end.
As always comments are appreciated as we need to keep our feet on the ground!
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  1. The guys did a great Job lighting up the city! another great shot David

  2. thanks Barry,the piece shot by philip Bromwell should be on the news in the next few days.

  3. Good shot & read David. If you need assistance on any of these shoots I'd love to see how it works. Keep 'em coming

  4. Great shot Dave, look forward to seeing the R.T.E. news article!

  5. thanks james and Ian.really apreciate your support.
    emails coming!!

  6. Really happy to see this project going from strength to strength!

  7. Thanks Anonymous,I share your joy!!

  8. Hey david if your looking for anymore sitters im moving to stockholm next wednesday to look for work as a photographer

  9. Great report by RTE Dave, the queue will be growing for that glorious parting shot!!

  10. Need more people to photograph myself and my girlfriend are moving to Perth in early March and would love to be part of your portfolio
    Regards Brian

  11. Congratulations on all the publicity -- I've been watching the project via the Gallery FB postings, and saw the CBS report... but only after just seeing you on RTE did I realize you're the person I had a brief Hasselblad chat in January of last year, outside a bright & snowy Blessington Basin. You had your H-series, I was carrying my 500c/m.

  12. love it, should be something for future generations to look back on, if you need anymore sitters im moving to australia next month.

  13. beautiful one, I'm happy I had a chance to join you and see you in the action! well done

  14. hi mark,would love to photograph you before you go (cant get mail address here,please contact
    Monika I was delighted to see you there and really looking forward to that cup of tea and collodion sandwich in glencree

  15. Hi Dave,

    well done on the excellent coverage in last nights RTE news. The work looked fantastic and delighted to see you receiving some very well earned attention. Hope the momentum rolls on an on.... All the best, Jacinta - Broadstone Studios

  16. hey Jacinta great to hear from you and really great to get your support for this project. hope to see you soon