Sunday, 23 January 2011


Hello world!!Its a fantastic day for the Lilliputian just over a year after its inception the blog has caused a stir in the small world
From coast to coast in the U.S.A. and all over Europe a piece was broadcast by which uses my photographic documentation as a vehicle to describe the latest wave of Irish emigration.
I am so delighted and stuck for words at this moment that I had to let it out.
you can see the piece here
I would again like to say Big thanks to all who helped push this along ,Ben,Agnes, and Liz at CBS London. It was a pleasure!
I hope during the work done so far I have paid,and will continue to pay tribute to the people of this city, and indeed to the city they have chosen,or indeed in some cases, have been forced to leave behind!!
Big thanks also to the crew,Artur,Brian,Gemma,Hugh,James,Louise,Don.
who have always been at the end of the phone to throw light over a sometimes very dark and cold city
as always your comments are treasured!!
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  1. Nice one Dave ... you do good telly. I'll have to hire an agent now, with all of this exposure! Slowly getting sorted with the printer btw, and thanks again for the advice.

  2. thanks Conor,
    we went fo the old subliminal Conor shot for the interview!!
    glad you like it!!

  3. ian@semisolidradio23 January 2011 at 15:21

    Hi Dave, well done its all good!

  4. And real Ian,the real consequences of living in a virtual world.
    Where notions overtake product in the generation of profits!!
    Thanks for the visit its appreciated

  5. thanks Artur.
    you look good in the first frame!!

  6. congratulations Dave. Wow! what really amazing exposure for your work... so happy for you....... Also many thanks for being such a great and patient teacher on the course.

  7. A really fantastic showcase for your work - I'm delighted for you!

  8. hey Jeanne thanks its great to get this exposure.
    big thanks Noreen especially for pushin this out on the globalirish blog!!