Monday, 5 September 2011


Siobhán Meade and Karen Redmond have had enough! The good friends and G.A.A. rivals are off to Australia tomorrow in search of adventure. The adventure their working life here in Dublin failed to deliver. After college and then specialist training both would have taken up positions in teaching (Primary school) and chefing (Special diet chef in Temple Street Children's Hospital) respectfully.

For obvious reasons these two vocational roles failed to deliver the satisfaction needed to keep them both happy and fulfilled. The problem is that they both work in areas that have been hit very hard by erosion of earnings. Over the last 3 years workers in the public service have seen their marginal earnings, that which provided their disposal income, washed away.Young professionals like Siobhán  and Karen who also bought into the property bubble now find themselves demoralised and in negative equity.
(In the last 5 years it would appear that people paid twice the current market value for their houses).
The empty feeling, the feeling of being financially broke, can and has removed the joys of achievement that one would normally feel in a job well done. So now after some careful planning they are sprinting to Australia in search of happiness and adventure to fulfill their hitherto unfulfilled ambition, for a life where hard work and dedication is rewarded and provides a fulfilled life parallel to the working experience.
Here is what they had to say on the night.
Karen - "Since the recession has hit Ireland, the country has become increasingly negative and more difficult to live in.I am stuck with a house in serious negative equity ,my pay has been cut and its becoming a suppressed country.I resigned from my job and have leased my house to begin a new life in the sun.Good times ahead!!"
Siobhán who said she has been saving since she started work has decided that the rainy day she was expecting has finally arrived.I wish them both the best and thank them both for pausing with me for this heroic parting shot.
The set for the shot was Croke Park a place where both have been both friend and rival shouting for their home counties Dublin and Meath.Its the first shot to be made on the Royal canal,a welcome shot after making at least 4 shots by the Grand Canal the other waterway that passes from the liffey basin to 
the shannon.
Artur and Ray kept the Garda at bay on the night and Conn Redmond Brought both of the girls to the bar while the site was being cleared for the shot!!(thanks also to the crew who left the floating can of budweiser on the plate glass canal surface!)
Big thanks to all!!
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  1. great one David! good we've got this place cleaned ;)

  2. absolutely and they didnt even have to produce a gun!!

  3. I don't think it's becoming a suppressed country at all. In fact, Ireland has never been so livable. Public workers are still on great salaries by european standards, so really these girls are just after as much cash as they can get. Hard to feel sorry to be honest.