Wednesday, 24 August 2011


Meet Brigid Dunne another brave Dubliner facing down the negativity and the naysayers and moving on.
On to a new city,where new challenges,obstacles,and opportunities all coincide to give a person receptive to change a new and fresh perspective on life, but without a safety net!!

Brigid who worked as a teacher in belvedere college for some time,had this to say "I decided to leave Dublin for London in order to pursue further studies .  It was my former lecturer Sinead Murphy (Griffith College) that told me of your project and said that it would be excellent opportunity to be part of it.
I have mostly lived on the northside and have always loved the Hugh Lane gallery- the beauty of the exterior against the creative forces of the interior.  It's a place of quietness in a busy city.
My friend Eoin came along that night with me for moral support/ curiosity. I am sad to leave my family and friends but change is needed for me and for Dublin"

All of the sitters in this project are to be applauded for their bravery tenacity,and their acceptance of the realities of Irish life today. It has been a function of this project from the outset to praise and pay tribute and to provide a small space for all those leaving to pause with me.The silence of these night time sets, the backgrounds from these peoples pasts,add a small but significant extra layer to the experience of leaving.This is my effort to paint them into the history of our nation and provide them with their glorious parting shot,the heros of upheaval.
Over the past eighteen months this process has been repeated 52 times and hopefully it will continue for some months to come,the third phase of the project will commence in the coming weeks so keep your eyes out here for its introduction.
Thanks again to Sinead for the introduction,and as always big thanks to Artur,Ray and Hugh who looked after all the technical stuff on the night!!

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OH and a youtube piece of julian opies great piece as featured in this post is available here her name is suzanne!!


  1. It looks great with the walking person sign on the right! :)

  2. its a pretty cool piece so I was drawn to it.
    did you see the youtube clip on the end of the pag it shows it in motion!
    very gracful!!

  3. Great Pic ,And nicely put Dave.