Saturday, 26 November 2011


Phew when Friday arrived this week I was delighted! Its been really hard the last few years working so much more then before most of it not showing any monetary reward.
But we keep the head down and keep plugging away and try to follow through to completion on every new avenue of opportunity that opens up.

Recently I have been to Amsterdam and Paris showing my Leaving Dublin project in review and to new friends I have made through working on the project.This has helped I suppose to build my confidence in the work and has renewed my commitment to finishing the task I set my self within a 2 year time frame.
My next task is to follow up on all the contact names and and emails given to me by one of my reviewers at the nofound photo festival which took place during the Paris photo festival two weeks ago to the day.
Since returning to Dublin all has been really busy with lots of different things happening.
Last Monday Tuesday,Wednesday had me in a flap with work carrying on into the wee hours preparing training for the Photographic staff of the National library,and prepping for a visit to Griffith college Dublin.In the Middle of it all I gave a one hour interview to Ciara Kenny of the Irish times new friday regular GENERATION EMIGRATION they are featuring my work next friday so keep a look out!
My hope is that through their blog we can find some new sitters and  ways to show the work internationally.
My big plan for the work is to show it in the cities where my people have moved to aided by them plugging into the Irish networks that might exist all year long but especially around Paddy's day celebrations.
the Idea is I suppose to piggyback on already planned events and show a 12 minute video presentation of the work similar to the one at this link 
(its half way down the page dowload it and have a look )
I am broadening this appeal to all later today but if any of you reading now are connected in any way to any organization which can help achieve this goal please mail me at

The Image above is the result of an afternoon spent with students from Griffith College Dublin.
G.C.D is proving itself to be a dynamic force in photographic education in the last few years  with its graduates competing and winning awards every year.This shot featuring Angelique-Sylvia Riccot was made to demonstrate how we can use the normal everyday spaces,(a carpark) and Items,(some seemingly abandoned wrapped Mercs) to create a dynamic composition and an interesting backdrop in which to stage your photographis projects. I really hope they like the result!!

 AS always comments are appreciated especially from those who attended and helped with the above shoot.
Please alert anyone you konw to be on the move to this blog or my viewbook page at
As always thanks


  1. Great news, great ideas David. Loving the shot!

  2. thanks Vlad.Remember you are on my list for the new year but I hope to see you for a chat before then!!

  3. Great Shot Dave! It such a great experience, seeing it all come together and working with the students. The resulting image is beautiful and really striking. All from an underground car park, Love it!- Sinead Murphy

  4. Thanks David for the practical experience and it was interesting to see how the final image pieced together. It was a good example to follow in how planning, elbow work and a keen eye all come together to create a photographic piece.

    Ian Fleming

  5. Thanks Ian And Sinead it was a pleasure to have a nose around the campus and find this fantastic little space!!
    thanks look forward to doing it again
    but it will be a hard one to follow