Friday, 2 December 2011


Meet Conor McMahon,you may have met before here on the liliputian(click here)Conor left his home in Dublin Back in August 2010 and had this to say at the time about the house he was leaving behind"The house is my home and the store of all my effort this last few years. A place to get together with the lads to work on the tunes, or other times where I might draw, conceive new ideas for my next exhibition. It is also my home in this cul-de-sac neighbourhood where I have found myself very much part of the extended neighbourhood family that I became part of 7 years ago now."

During July I met with Conor In London's Victoria station and there and then ,watching the masses from the station balcony,I realized what a big step it actually was to move from compact Dublin to any major word city.The Pictures above were taken on the last train home to Sutton, Conors new home In his new town.
I think it may be easy  easy to see I was shooting from the hip with a waist level finder fitted to a 6x6 camera as Conor is looking above the camera to my face as the shot is taken. 

Today Conor along with five or six others gets to tell The Irish Times how he is getting on.
This brings me the greatest of pleasure to see some of my subjects,Julie,Seán and Leia,Ara and Darragh, and Darren expressing themselves to the national press as part of the whole leaving Dublin vibe.

 I suppose what makes Conor a unique amongst this group is that he has recently secured full time employment back in Dublin and he will actually return home today December the 2nd 2011.
congratulations Conor welcome home! 

So far he is the second of my sitters to make it back so far the other  being Anastasia

As well as checking out the Irish times page have a look at the generation emigration blog were you can see a short video presentation. it is a longer version of this I hope to show early next year in many locations around the world .Planning starts now and if you know of anyone or any organisation on the ground in any of the new hometown and cities of my sitters,who can facilitate a projection of a 12 minute video piece during march 2012, please let me know via the comments page.
Big thanks to Ciara Kenny of the Irish Times and to Michelle Stein who I hope to photograph on her way out soon


  1. Hi Dave Times article is fab! things are gathering pace!
    Well done!

  2. great stuff little bro! keep it up m8! Yer Emigre Big Bro.

  3. Am honoured Dave! Lovely stuff ... and I see it was worth it you dragging the medium format all the way over to London now! Will catcha real soon no doubt, just taking care of this oul dose first!

  4. indeed thanks!!
    Conor you were really there!! and thats for sure!

  5. good moment and nice b/w tones ...

  6. Anastasia Herbert6 September 2012 at 17:08

    Great shots, David! Love the setting. Conor, you look to me like Jean Paul Sartre here ... but too cheeky to be suffering much ennui. Welcome home, Anastasia