Tuesday, 1 May 2012


One night last February I met with Darragh Ross and his good friend Kenny D'Arcy the Pair where ready to travel off to Australia in a matter of days and we had a long chat on the beach,before and after their respective photos where made.
Darragh an electrician\electrical engineer, was looking forward, (as was his friend Kenny) to plying his trade once more in Australia.Neither of them had the opportunity to do what they were trained to do at home as work had completely dried up for both in Ireland,leaving Darragh working in his local Mace service station.Now although he is saddened to leave his family and friends,and angered that our economy has left him booking this trip,Darragh is excited at the prospect of being out in the great wide open doing his thing and looking for his place in the whole big scheme of things!On your marks!! you might say as they line up to sprint away to give their youth energy and enthusiasm to Australian society.
Our Loss their gain!!

Ian Monahan lit up the Martello tower and all else on the night so big thanks there!
It looks like I am on the starting blocks too as I prepare to go into production for a big show of Leaving Dublin images coming up this summer in Dublin's National Photographic Archive,as part of the PhotoIreland Festival.
The show will see me presenting some thirty images from the series as very large prints with very high production values!
Needles to say the cost of such an exercise is huge and I am endeavouring to fund half of the costs through a Fundit campaign.
I hope to raise some €5000 through the campaign but not without providing super rewards to those who
contribute to this cause.So watch this space for an alert as to when the campaign goes live and when it does please ,please share it with all your social networking pals,the more the merrier.Then we can build a memorial fitting to those for whom our city has no space right now!

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  1. Good to see this one Dave, Nice result

  2. yep i supose he is having a great time in Oz!!