Monday, 12 March 2012


Meet Kenneth D'arcy a Man who had to finish a course in building services engineering after the crash.
A man who's lifestyle choice came down to working in Domino pizza in swords or emigrating to Australia to work as a building services engineer! Yes it is all about choices!But you know there are factors which turn you one way or the other in this case Kenny was looking for a little fulfillment,self-esteem,and a firm future without the threat of the rug being pulled from under him! So he is gone like so many others to Australia.On the night he presented himself in good humor but I could feel the sense of resentment towards the establishment here in Ireland. Here is what he had to say" I feel like I don't have a choice anymore.If I want a career in engineering I have to leave. I KNOW I HAVE NO FUTURE IN IRELAND!!!
I really hope some day Kenny can come back and contribute to the next phase of the Irish success story.But my instinct tell me he will be in Melbourne for some years!!

Back in Fontenoy street things have been hectic and we have just finished on time the video piece for projection. With the first screening finished in Chicago yesterday and lots  more coming next weekend
I hope I am prepared for a little more attention after screenings in Japan,new York State,Bristol,Toronto ,Alabama,Edinburgh, Sao paulo,Brittainy,and Melbourne.Its all very exciting and it looks like the lilliputian will jump through the 50,000 page views today with this post.
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No Doubt things are flying and it was co-incidental that I was on the beach at portmarnock with my co-conspiritor on the video front Ian who was delighted to see,and to help out in the other end of the process. Ians musical and soundscape  work on the video piece, will propell this work onto heights never before gained from pure synergy and I have to say I am delighted that he was able to come on board to bring his huge talent to bear on this project.
Thanks Ian.
Things are not how we thought they might be 5 years ago thats true. All of us live in a different space now. For some of us its about finance for others like Kenny its about location. I wish him good fortune and hope things work out in accordance with his revised plan hatched over the last 3 years,Good luck Kenny!
Ian lit up the site and chatted with the boys about all things Portmarnock,A great night was had by all and we toddled off home afterwards the better of the meeting, Kenny celebrated and my mind  was made up about what lies at the centre of our problems.but as they say that's another story.
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  1. Its bloody awful (the loss of good people) and I'm so glad you're capturing an essence of it.

  2. Keep on keeping on, Dave! Ya got some serious momentum going for sure! - Conor!

  3. thanks Guys!!busy weekend ahead taking it to the world!
    wish me luck.
    Conn your right and the only way to higlight this disgrace is to sing beautifully about it,like a canary!!!