Wednesday, 17 October 2012


When I first started my blog The Lilliputian I knew who I was.
A little guy talking to the big world.
This truth holds,but now it would seem the word has got out.
The world was and is listening.This has made the world for me smaller,my sized!!
It is eager for visuals and stories it wants to share in emotions,emotions displayed by all of the sitters
in my Leaving Dublin project for example.

Tomorrow I step on a plane with my Family we are off on an adventure.
To Australia.
My head is buzzing for what the future holds
Keep an eye here in the following weeks as I report on my adventures.
and note the link to a visual tumblr page here and in the welcome panel
also I will be adding content to the leaving dublin facebook page here

The exhibition opens in a little over a week and I cant wait to see it hung and lit
All 31 images in a line fantastic!!!

Big thanks to all the sitters and also to ,Artur,ray,Hugh,Ian,Hugh,Mel,Chris Conolly,Chris O'Reilly,Brian,Jeannie,Don,James,Rossa,Emma,and of course Gemma who then became a sitter!!

For the Dublin Expo Big thanks to photo Ireland festival,specially to Angel Luis Gonzalez for such fantastic and unwavering support of this project from the start.

And to Lisa Collins in Melbourne and all of the management and Design team who I really am anxious to meet and thank.
See you here soon and please!now might be a good time for a comment!!


  1. Hope you have a great trip David! Enjoy Melbourne :)

  2. thanks Julie i hope it will be the best time!!

  3. Hve a great time Dave, best of luck with it all.

  4. Dave, you'll have a super time! Bring us back a glass of Ozzie wine - but it must be upside down! Tanya ;)

  5. BEst of luck David have a blast!

  6. just know your exhibition will be brilliant success in Oz.. enjoy every minute!

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  8. thanks Eileen,Jeanne,Tanya,Sharon and especially my sparring partner Artur,hoping all goes accoring to plan(although i have allowed as always a large latitude for determination of success.
    Please excuse my late reply.This is my third attempt.