Tuesday, 9 October 2012


A couple of weeks ago I had an email from fellow photographer Ciara O'Halloran. She said she was leaving, and she would like to sit for me!
Of the  hundred plus people I have worked with on this project Ciara was my tenth photographer!
It is for me a resounding call of validation for my work when another of my number pays me the compliment of sitting with me before they leave  home for a new land.

Ciara told me she was off to take a Masters in Museum Studies and she was doing it in Belfast.
She would like to work in a large museum with a substantial photography holding such as M.O.M.A.
So she has mapped out her route and hopefully all will go her way. Of her journey she said
"I’m happy to leave now because I know I’ll come back eventually and share what I have learned.. but I also know it might turn out to be a long time before I do return to live in Dublin and so I feel sad about that." 

Ciara is seated here, outside the entrance to her old primary school minutes from her family home in Clonsilla. You may or may not have noticed I posted a picture of Ciara before the nigh both our shows opened in Dublin this July see it here, its near the end of the page and Ciara's work can be seen here.

Now I know how things have moved on and Belfast is still only 160 km up the road.
But for me this was a real test.
You see in my head its the same country. For a start it's full of Irish people, it's on the same island and all the trappings of military occupation have been removed from the once troubled borders. The only noticeable change now when you cross over the line of the border is the road is a little less smooth and the signs are still in miles and  rather than the European preferred kilometres.
So I had to check myself and convince myself of the harsh reality that we live on one side of a partition
and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is a very Irish reality.
I wonder will this ever change?
But for the moment I will allow the altered state to create for me the illusion that we are one and the same place, except when I am reminded of the real reality by friends like Ciara.
Again Artur and Ray were at hand to look after the light, as always a big thanks!!
All is happening apace down under and as I type condition reports are been written and the work is being prepared for  hanging.
There is a great page on the museums website dedicated to the upcoming exhibit here with a great video piece here

Importantly the Museum is looking for photo contributions via its website and you all can help
see here and please share this important announcement far and wide.

As always your comments are respected,enjoyed and unedited.So please feel free to comment!
Big thanks