Monday, 11 February 2013


All the euphoria and happy happy slappy,snappy communications coming out of Leinster house last week was a little to late for loads of restless spirits who find it a little bit of a grind to keep pushing,pushing,pushing against the relentless pressure to try something different.
So the tide of Emigration has not turned and people continue to leave apace.
It was finally and euphorically displayed as a victory last week that the Irish taxpayer will  bear the full extent of the losses at Anglo Irish Bank and Nationwide Building Society,No write down will occur and all of private investors will be paid in full after they should have lost their shirts!!

The Upside and that which was made so much of,is that,the Irish central bank has been able to engineer it so the debt is put off for a long time(30to50 years)saving us 2billion euro over the next 2 financial cycles!
This in turn means it is now only necessary to cut  by 2.5billion for the next 2 budgets,
Austerity budgets number five and six.
Now for the man on the street this would mean a continued errosion of their financial position with increased taxes,charges,levies etc.
which clearly means we are not yet reached the bottom of this horrible chapter just yet and worse times for the hard strapped are to come.
I keep my head down,I work hard to improve my own situation and that of those around me,I maintain an optimistic outlook.I know we will abide, but we cant escape from the facts. With no real growth in the European economy forecast and the E.U. budget now also shrinking.Only talking about the small positive steps and not discussing the hard realities,burying the head in the spin is truly the way of our country. As before the strong majority government will hold its ground for another 3 years with no way of really turning the ship around.This will lead to an interesting prospect for a general election with the current coalition decimated at the polls.
The only question remaining is WHO NEXT?
By then thousands more will have left and no sign of them being graced with a vote as has been the wish of a growing movement for some years now (see this blog of one of the true champions of overseas voting Noreen Bowden)
Our talented residents are being forced to move away worn down by the downturn. Ross Ellis a native of Scotland,and his wife Noemi a native of Spain are to move to Barcelona after settling in Ireland 7 years ago they are off to try something different lured by the familiarity of home and the warmth of a busy bustling city.they are indeed sad to leave but can see no other way about it right now.Their time in Dublin was very important to them and contacting me helped them to celebrate this by pausing with me in a place they loved.
The work was made behind Whelans pub in wexford street,the well known music venue scene of many a good gig attended by the couple. The wall earlier played host to a  very strong Masser piece featured in a previous shot.It read  dare to be different,now there is this amazing multi coloured fleeing pigeon,Beautiful!our city never stays the same,a credit to the fantastic artist who decorate these alleyways with thought provoking stuff!!
I wish Ross and Noemi the very best in their new city and I wonder what Spanish sounds like spoken with a Scotch accent!!Good luck and good fortune to you both and thanks for making the call.
On the night Ray and Artur did the honours and it was beautifully quiet and cold.

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  1. Hey David,

    Sorry to hear that Ross is leaving too, are you sure you weren't giving us subliminal messages in class to recruit for this project?!

    Ross - all the best on your move, I know what it feels like and hope it all works out for you in Spain.



  2. More good young people fleeing the horror of the corpse of the Celtic Tiger. And yes David you are 'on the money', our masterful political submissives have chained the chain-ganged citizens that remain to the private debt of the gambling gombeens who wrecked our economy. And we continue to lose the ambitious, the able, the educated, that we need dearly here.

  3. not at all Tom,and it was great to meet you and the crew at the airport on your way out!!
    thanks for the comment Michael
    Thats it in a nutshell a classic failing by those with their heads in the sand or is it their heads in the trough!
    Mo news except good news is just so shallow but it would seem the media in this our fair land are playing along with this one!!No one has asked the challenging question why do we still have to pay the price!!

  4. I left Dublin as a boy, with my family in 1967. Nothing in the intervening 46 years prepared me for the revelation of the size of the hole in my heart that remains. I was, for the most part, unaware of this extraordinary bond to the land of my birth, as I entered the Melbourne exhibition of "Leaving Dublin". It took only moments to realise that I recognised the place names, names that I hadn't heard uttered for decades, from around that fair city. Although much parodied, "you can take the boy or girl out of the country, but you can't take the country out of them".

    David, thank you for exposing the (somewhat painful) truth of mass emigration. Dave B, Melbourne

  5. thanks you dave b thats just fantastic!
    I will never look at amny of these locations in the same way they hol so much for me now!