Sunday, 3 February 2013


This is Jose Carlos Lorenzo it was a pleasure to sit and pause  a while with him before he set off on an adventure. I first met Jose about 2 years ago when I did some prints for a college project he was doing. Now he has graduated with a degree he has decided to change it all around again and he is off to the Caribean.

This shot was made on mill lane,looking on to mill street,The house in the background always intrigued Jose as he passed it everyday coming and going to town and on his way to work.
Here is What he had to say " My home town is Valladolid, Spain. I moved 11 years ago to Dublin with the idea on my mind of living there for three months, learn English and go back to Spain. After three months my English was still really bad, and I was after meeting this woman, she turned my life around. She taught me all the English I know now and helped me quite a lot on my stay in rainy Ireland!
I lived in Geoffrey Keating road for the last 6 years, and that's why I chose that street, I've been walking by that house everyday at least twice a day and always looked at it with admiration. 
I feel Ireland is part of my life and always will be.
I felt sad leaving, but I was at a point in my life where I had to do something  fresh with my life, I found this job, and after many interviews and hardcore training in Miami, I got the position. Now I'm working as an art auctioneer assistant in cruise lines with the idea of becoming an art auctioneer soon. 
I miss Ireland, but I'm looking forward and enjoying life so far. Ireland is not a closed door to me just yet, it will always be with me."

Who knows what twist and turns are ahead for Jose in his future life,will he make it back to Dublin,will he eventually make it back to Spain or is he destined to become and art auctioneer in Miami.Only time will tell,but one thing is sure like all my burnimg lights,jose's life will be full of adventure as he uses his talents to find a way in life that rewards him for his actions.
Artur,Ray and Hugh were on hand to light this tricky space up and it was realy fun to be back on the street once more.

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