Thursday, 25 April 2013


I met Ronan McHugh for the first time  about 15 years ago when I was a student of photography.
His mother Louise was in my class and we have remained friends ever since.Ronan himself graduated from uni a few years ago just in time to experience the slow down of a nation and our huge financial crash.His Girlfriend Grethe Chhristensen has found it difficult to find work here in Dublin and so as new parents to their young son Aiden they are off to Denmark,the homeplace of Grethe,to forge a life together.
Lets hope all goes smoothly and as the colder winter of Denmark subsides they are warmed in the light of their new home close to good friends and Family.

Back home there have been mixed messages coming from the media in Dublin,as to where we are right now.Mr Mody claims that reliance on austerity only to correct our woes, was a mistake.Who is mr Mody I here you say,see the link above for insight into the mind of an I.M.F. negotiator.
So should we continue down this route,well yes!!(say our blinkered government)
We will still continue on down this route rewarding talent with the exit door to success in another country. Ronan and his family have made it outside the hampered Eurozone and lucky for them they are only a couple of hours away if there is the need of a trip home.
Yes! the talent that is going to save our country is elsewhere now and we stand no chance of growing our way out of this hole with our vigor residing somewhere else whilst all the signs on the Euro front pointing towards a flat lining economy for some years to come.
We have nothing special,we have lost our edge,they are still leaving.
It spares our Government in the very short term, but in the long term its going to be a hard climb, without the ceasing of austerity, to build our selves up again with all our talent doing it elsewhere!

On the night of the shoot it was bitter with a biting wind on Howth Harbour ,co Dublin. We had to stay in close by the wall to give little Aiden any level of comfort.Lets hope as the temperature here and in Denmark rises,and the days grow longer Aiden and all of us in fact, can take down our hoods and enjoy the heat, the fresh air,and  the light This should give us the strength  to bight our lip and wait for the time to come to remove our current government,Heaven knows we have a couple of years to make up our minds as to the best way forward lets hope when the time comes there is some alternative and lots of innovative thinking (by the opposition) in the meantime(God knows we need it!)
On the night Artur and Ronans mother Louise Roden helped to make it all work out.
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  1. An interesting change in location for this shot David; if I'm not mistaken, the other 'leaving' shots were all within the city limits. I agree with your comments on the financial disaster that we did not cause but for which we are paying the price. The current parties are tweedle dumb and tweedle dumber, we need a new political organisation focused on Ireland as a society and not as a business, the infamous 'Ireland Inc'. We need smart politics emphasising our social needs and also the needs of business, supporting the development of new co-operative enterprises owned and run by their members. We have excellent examples of successful co-operatives in this country. I expected the 'Unions' to have become involved (given their financial resources) in job-creation by supporting the establishment of co-operatives, but their leadership appear to be more concerned with maintaining their high salaries and easy relationship with the failed political parties.

  2. hi Michael,thanks very much for your comments and positive contribution to this topic!,only wrong on one count!
    if you go back a bit you will find shota in Clonsilla,killakee,Loughshinny,Broadmeadow estuary,Portmarnock,Dun Laoighre,and a few other far flung locations still within the pale.
    Had a visit and talk with Val Routledge at the chocolate factory yesterday and he is to be lauded for the work he has put in for the last two years to create something with a people centred model.
    It will open to the public in july it WILL be a success as it is a community already! fantasstic.
    thanks again for your contribution!!