Friday, 26 April 2013


Serendipitous,the only word I can use to describe the free treat passed out at the opening of the ALTERNATE VOICES exhibition yesterday evening.   "STARMIX"a mighty metaphor for the work hanging on the freshly painted walls of Moxie Studios exhibition space.
Again I am blown away by the level of diversity,execution,finish and presentation of the work.
Moxie studios is a very large space to start of with and to fill it you need a lot of work,to do it effectively the work needs to be engaging!
Again as with last years show this is a  flawless project from start to finish which also adds a perfect web package to the mix. The space is full of the energy given off by the work which was shot specifically for this show,an exercise in preparing an exhibition.Again the show way exceeds this brief and provides viewers with some real entertaining,engaging and well crafted works.
On strolling through  the space one was treated to a diverse array of shooting styles and presentation methods,hung together in a way that leads to a very enjoyable experience some of the works framed some glassless, some pinned or clipped,some large,some small,but nothing that jarred and upset the flow and again  that is a real achievement.
Another great Group of photographers  are close to launch themselves on the world and I would really like to warmly congratulate them not only on the work,but how they also managed to fill the brief and provide another flawless example of how to present and exhibition both on the walls and as social media and website presentation.Kudos to to the tutors who framed the project and oversaw the project but the true stars of this mix are,Helen,Julia,Hannah,Leanne,Stephen,Paul,Clare,Kelsey,Elizabeth,Sarah,Paudie,Laura,Kevin,Svetlana,
Keith,Laura-jean,Niall,Laoise,Hue,Vera,Fergal,Hannah and Eliot,My hats off to you all.
As a group please dont loose the spirit of this fantastic endeavour it will power you throught the rest of your journey together!
 For those around Dublin the show is on till May 2nd  so please make an effort to see it,it will reward!!