Friday, 21 February 2014

The Chase Resumes

Tuesday February 2014,6.30 am the alarm goes off and I awake,my excitement bristling as I rise before the dawn hoping to catch it at the end of a short trip to Sandycove and the 40ft.
It has been over three and a half years since I went there on a very dark and impossible night to make work with Bernard Tyers. In fact its been almost 10 months now since I met him again in his new home in London and made the attached photo.
The time spent making the leaving Dublin project has been amazing!On leaving brings together 3 strands of this unreal experience and for the next few months I will be chasing down people and places to bring the work to a close before publishing a book in the autumn to coincide with an exhibition launch stateside.

Exciting times and I want all of you to take the ride along with me.
So as I move from place to place recapturing the spaces where people shared their experience of my beloved city and county with me,I want you to see it as it unfolds.
And as I swing from state to state in the U.S.A.,Canada,Brazil,and Mexico spending time with my sitters I will also share the movements with you. I want you to react,tell me how you feel,what you think of the work and how you would like it to progress.
In the next couple of weeks I hope to introduce the book project to the world via fundit and raise some money through advance sales of the final book.
So keep an eye out for the offer it will be available as they say for a limited time,I will flag it here and elsewhere.
As it turned out I made it to the 40 foot just before sunrise on a beautiful springlike  morning the resultant image up above,Tomorrow its Killakee!Cant wait,stick with me!!
thoughts sought
comments appreciated!


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