Tuesday, 4 March 2014


The Fury Glen in the Pheonix Park at dawn on glorious transparency film,5x4 inch transparency film.
This work is part of an ongoing series called "A survey for the departed" this survey sets out to remap the city and its environs specifically for those who have left and have been participants in the "Leaving Dublin" series.
In this case the image was made specifically for Neasa O'Shea Brady who I had photographed there
Over 3 years ago on a cold dark January night
.see the original post here

Neasa who spent over a year and a half in New York on  J1 post graduate Visa has been home now in Dublin for some time.Recently I met with her we had a coffee together and a long chat.I shot a roll of film and I wondered how long would it be till she found the job of her dreams and would it mean traveling off again in the night far far away.The Shot below is from the third series in the project "The visitation"

It is My fervent hope to bring this work to conclusion later in the year and to have a publication ready when On Leaving has its second outing as an exhibition in October next in Washington D.C.
I will be working hard over the next few months to that end.Later this month I hope to float a pre-sales offer on Fundit the fantastic crowd funding site run by Business to Arts here in Dublin.
The Idea here would be to offer the book in pre-sales at the cover price and with some special inclusions.I am confident that the demand for the book will be strong and an order at this point will secure a copy of the book and help towards meeting the high production costs of a topflight presentation.
I cant wait and with each new dawn the publication date gets closer.
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