Sunday, 23 March 2014


And so it goes.Time passes and as the picture unfolds we see ourselves ,ever changing ,ever-present in the moment,coping,changing,acknowledging,moving forward. For it is only in realising what has happened in the past that we can sustain ourselves into the future.
The future for a lot of our recent departees is that they will never live in Ireland again.
They will call somewhere else home,their children will adopt a different national identity,sure they will be proud of their Irish heritage this of course is true,for it is a proud heritage to belong to the kind of Oísin,Ná Fianna,Gráinne Mhaol,Brendan the Navigator,Wolftone,Emmet,Pearse,Connolly.
The Literary tradition of the scribes,Sheridan,Swift,Wilde,Yeats,Joyce,Flan O'Brien,Heaney, Griffin,etc,etc.But still they will never come home save for a holiday to spend some time in this magical pool the place to restore,renew,revive the feelings that make the Irish Irish.

That is the fact,detachment happens,it has happened for such a long time now,it has repeated itself in so many cycles,it will repeat itself again and again until the time when borders will no longer exist and the world is one for all human kind to wander.
Some will make it home thats for sure and my hope is that all of my sitters,the people I am primarily concerned about,come home.To date at least twenty of the one hundred and twenty in the leaving Dublin series have done just that.
I am so proud of al the people I have met on this trip!and today I present to you one of these.A family.
Linda dePaor,Philip Duggan,and their sons Luca and Ely.
I met them in Dublin on the eve of their departure, Met Lindas beautiful mother in temple bar as I explained my work to a group of eager viewers of an exhibition that she fully understood,got and was living.Then I  saw their images (Linda, Phillip and Luca),on the front of the Immigration Museum in Melbourne as a giant banner announcing the next big thing in the building,met them in earthquake ravaged Christchurch with new arrival Ely! and spent a few days in their  company in their beautiful home on Cass bay just outside what remained of the city.Later on in the year We met again in Dolly mount and spent the evening in the garden of Linda's mother.
For me this was a big trip it lead me to see so many aspects and perspectives of the same story.
 Like so many,I dont have to be educated in the nuance of Irish migrations,I have sought out the truth,I have experienced the joy and the grief.I have looked into the lives of so many and now I know of  the multi-coloured,multi-layered,multi faceted possibilities of all that is just human existance and from here I feel that being Irish in this world is just such a better starting point than some experience at this point in time.Lets hope that in time things change and we all become loved by each other as one.

And so it goes My work here is almost done but not before I complete the task of bringing all into harmony in one place.
It is My  hope to bring this work to conclusion later in the year and to have a publication ready when On Leaving has its second outing as an exhibition in October next in Washington D.C.

I cant wait and with each new dawn this publication gets closer.
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  1. hi all forgot to add I am off traveling over the next few weeks and will keep all posted on my progress here and on my tumblr page
    hope to meet a lot more sitters at home and see how all is going!

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