Wednesday, 27 January 2010


last week I met a young lady who was in ireland for 2 weeks to be a guest at a family wedding.
It had been a long time since we had met at another happy occasion also a wedding.
although born in ireland Ciara has spent most of her life in australia and is in possession of the best traits
both countries have to offer,in short she is a fantastic person!
Anyhow I thought that we could perhaps make a portrait in dublin city centre that celebrated her irish roots
and her australian sense of fun and adventure.When i asked if she was interested in this she almost jumped ,and said YES!!
so I set about planning,found a location,some help,some lighting,and away we went.
we did the shot around midnight,on custom house key,under a bridge over the river liffey.
Artur Sikora,and Brian Daly, helped out While photographer ,Donal Sheehan documented the proceedings and plied a frozen Ciara with hot choclate!
there is a little bit of symbolism involved in the shot . Ciara is sitting on 4 bales of turf a symbol of her irish home.The modern dress represents her confidence. Whilst her bare feet represent the dispossessed who first settled in australia over 220 years ago.
The shots used a snooted bowens esperit head with a travel pak battery. I was so impressed with this that I bought one the next day click here for the irish suppliers details.and yes i will be using it again soon, so watch this space for more location portraits!!
both shots where exposed @f8 for 3 seconds with a snooted esperit 500 at full power
All my thanks to Ciara for being a great person to work with!!.
click the title above for the full set of pictures plus documentation shots
the first two shots in the gallery are the two final shots from this project
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  1. Love the lighting, and the warmness of the images. The dof in the second of the two is really interesting. On first viewing I am drawn to the first image because of the strong composition, but of further viewing the play of dof in the second keeps bring me back to it

  2. Beautiful shots, David. The cool and the warm tones of the highlights together are striking.

  3. thanks to you both.
    will keep doing this!

    good observation Eileen! the shallow depht of field was in fact added later to recompose an awkward composition.
    do you feel it worked? the (untweaked shot is on the web gallery)

  4. Stunning Shots, David can you let me know if you are planning on doing any other night shots i'd love to tag along. Living out in the sticks restricts my night photography to the occasional passing carnival or moon lit beach shots. It would be nice to get a bit of city night life in the portfolio and with your expert guidance sure what could go wrong.