Friday, 29 January 2010


a lot of my ramblings to date have been concerned with things Digital. But hey!! there is a far more sinister side to photography once controlled by people who conveniently located themselves in dark basements, and huddled over huge deep tanks of Dev and fixer etc. Oh yes the world of film.

I have avoided talking about this until I had a few credible articles under my belt as I did not want to be misunderstood. you see, I like both film and digital.
They are both very credible media but digital being now the more accessible, complete with instant feedback, has become the medium of the dabbler. Artists, architects, designers, and other creative professionals also use digital photography to document their work whilst the use of film and paper seems to be becoming a minority sport
it is my opinion,( being someone working in both mediums)in some ways that there is less to film photography than digital.
you get what you shoot,right there, shure you got to get it right first time,but that comes with practise,you can get use to that after a few years!!
anyhow! On with the show! Film! I love it.
so I have included in this gallery images shot and Polaroid type 55 film.
( my favourite black-and-white film of all time) it is my intention to continue this work into the future and may invite other practitioners of this medium to join me in an exhibition of type 55
images later in the year.
click the title above for the gallery of 5 images
for info on type 55 film click here
or see the previous article "photographing your breakfast is not a sign of mental illness"
thanks to those who have commented on previous posts please continue this practise
as it is a great help to me!!


  1. Oh yeah Dave, that would be my cup of tea, great images, nice article.
    Do you have any more of 55s left in a fridge?
    Hell, I was gonna buy some from polapremium /the only and last official Polaroid stock/ in the end of last year, unfortunately they push the price to 200 eur for a box of 20 sheets, I couldn't effort that anymore.
    I would gladly join the exhibition by the way, if you accept portraiture in it.


  2. good to hear your into it vlad,hope to hear some more comments like this!!
    yes still have some but you know how precious that stuff is!!
    I will put out a call for polaroids after the summer and see what turns up to add to the group it migth prove to be a popular show!!

  3. With big pleasure David. It's a great idea indeed!!
    If you would need any help with it let me know. I know good few european artist who would gladly participate.


  4. You can count me in.
    Any chance to brush down the old Bronica is a chance not to be missed. By the way where did you get those garden chairs I'm missing two since the big January winds that look suspiciously like the ones featured?


  5. Sorry that should have read Tachihara not Bronica. I Keep mixing up my formats.


  6. beautiful images David. so alive, almost touchable...