Wednesday, 13 January 2010

a walk in the park

For the last two years or so I have tried to get out and walk locally.
during the summer months nothing pleases me more then waking early and setting off for a
stroll in through local streets and parks in the morning.
An hour spent in this way is a great boost to the day,and and fills me with the stuff which helps me cope with anything that the day can throw at me!
I always take my camera, standard lens,and a wide angle, with me on such walks.
I enjoy keeping my eye out for little things, In fact it would seem that most of my photographic endeavors are in or around little things.Not huge sweeping landscapes but trees,seats,leaves,bottles,keyholes,small artworks,etc.
early this year like many other european cities(and countries) we had a big fall of snow and I went out for 3 walks during this time.
click on the title above for a small gallery of pictures from these walks
the work was shot on a hasselblad h3d5o camera and the converts where done using nik softwares silver efex pro software for more on this see the previous entry on converting digital colour to monochrome

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