Monday, 22 March 2010


my leaving dublin project has started and I am delighted that I was joined Again by
brian,Artur,and Don,Iate one night last week to kick this one off.
I was even more delighted to be joined by Anastasia Herbert who had this to say.

"I came to Dublin in August 2003, in the boom years for the arts; I'm leaving now for London. Here, in Ireland I've had the great opportunity of working freelance with premier national and city cultural institutions on arts festivals and exhibitions, and on regional arts education and community dialogue projects, too. I will look back on these 6 and half years in Dublin as formative to my career and will miss the wonderful, talented people I've come to know in this busy capital city."

Anastasia was photographed by the backdrop of her choice,the Beckett bridge,from Sir John Rogersons Quay.
The project continues to gather pace with shots planned for tomorrow evening(march 23rd)
and april 17.For those of you out there who are new to my blog this is an art project with no intention other than to imortalise what is being lost to our country,and I am looking for people who would like to participate in making a statement about their imminent departure.
We lit this shot using a bowens esperit head powered by a bowens travelpack
and we carried the light all the way to the stackhouse behind Anastasia's head using the amazing pocket wizard radio tranciever
If you are leaving dublin and would like to join me on this project please mail me at
for the full image please click on the picture above
Please comment on this piece as it will help to shape future posts


  1. excellent David. everything very well-rounded.

  2. Ian@semisolidradio.com23 March 2010 at 13:18

    Very Cool, The bridge works so well as the back drop Dave,

  3. Excellent, excellent work!

  4. Another beautifully composed and executed shot.

    well done guys.