Sunday, 28 February 2010


You may recall a recent post called in the city.In that post I photographed a young Irish woman who had made her home in Australia.
Later I learned that her sister who was living in ireland was to return to australia to take up residency and her Irish boyfriend was to travel with her.
the reason for their depature is the age old search for a better life.
after the big building crash of 2009 Paul and Aisling both found themselves out of work here in Ireland and so they are taking action,the one that always has played a big part in our irish cultural heritage.Emigration!!!
Paul and Aisling were not available before travelling so Niamh and Chris kindly stood in for
this shot(directly inspired by Paul and Aislings departure.) Its of a young man cut in half and young girl sitting on a suitcase in smithfield outside the last remaining building from its pre_development landscape,the market cafe(now closed because the markets were sold off to property speculators)
It is a shot to mark their passing from one life to another,some thing to mark a decision that will have far reaching effect into their future!!
It is my wish to photograph people( of all nationalities), who have made the decision to move from Ireland for economic reasons,In and around the city,juxtaposed with landscapes that are significant to their pasts.
If that sound like you,or, you know of somebody who is about to move,please bring my proposal to their attention.
I want to make these works monumental,To show those depicted in a true heroic spirit.
For after all they are making a huge jump into the void of uncertainty and this needs to be commemorated perhaps like never before!!
please contact me if you wish to work with me on this project
you can mail me at and we will take it from there
Big thanks again to Artur Sikora, Brian Daly,and Donal Sheehan.for all their help on the night.
And bad luck to the guy who tried to EGG us from the 5th floor!!


  1. Well done David. Image looks great. Really good lighting.
    apropos egg attack... we just have to wear helmets next time ;)

  2. David, I love this picture...... it would almost make me emigrate to be involved...!!

  3. what a perfect location for this shoot, although I don't know much about smithfield, I feel I do now know a little just from what you've said. what's perfect is that combined with the face on and color of the cafe as the b/k to the color of her dress and his shirt, the colors couldn't be better. Powerful tricolor there. Then that additional menesing face at the side of the building staring her down... great composition

  4. thanks for the positive comments, and please pass this article on to any who you think may be contemplating leaving the country.then they caan leave this mark before they go!!

  5. David, this is an interesting project. The smithfield portrait has a kind of David Lynch took to it, which ties in a bit with the cultural critique you're staging. Great photo & setting. I'm leaving - money for the arts has dried up here after a few years of comparatively incredible investment. That said, as you know, I'm a freelancer, so I don't quite fit the profile, but I will keep my eyes and ears open for candidates for the project! All best wishes, Stacey

  6. oh no no stacey you fitt!!completely,you are out of here because it does not fit anymore,lets do it!!!
    your choice of bigg Irish backdrop
    we can plan this one together!!

  7. Hi Dave,Love the coolness of the shot, that case brings me back,story about it would be nice!!