Sunday, 2 May 2010


Firstly, Apologies to my international readers and subscribers. I am going to get all parochial for a minute.
Hopefully i can hold your interest.

As i mentioned before I am involved in presenting a workshop on portraiture at The Gallery of Photography,Temple Bar,Dublin.
I am returning now to that topic as there are 2 upcoming workshops that some of you in the greater Dublin area may be interested in.They happen on 4 consecutive thursday nights between 7and 9.30 in the galleries exhibition space.They start may 13th and july 8th.
The emphasis for the workshops is learning through doing and it is a completely hands on experience for all participants.
I find this appoach to be the best at yeilding results as seen in the above video.
the numbers are small(6 people per class)and tuition is therefor very tailored to the needs of the group from session to session.
for more details go to the gallery's site
for a closer look at the images in the slide show above click here
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  1. The course is really great! Good remembrances :)
    I highly recommend it!

  2. thanks Artur, I wonder does anyone else?
    lets hope eh!