Saturday, 24 July 2010


Good things come to those who wait!
or so the saying goes!
Last monday night,I arrived at Heuston station just after dark.
Only to find it open with a train arriving at 11.45 from cork.
I had been down the previous sunday on a look see and it was closed so i assumed this was the deal every night(not so)
As it happened The station being opened did not effect the shoot in any way.
A little later I was joined by Artur and then Brian and we waited in the car for our co-conspirator Soraya Beyer.
On ariving in Ireland 2 years Ago Soraya(from Dresden,Germany)was put to work by her new employer in the Zumo smoothie bar in Heuston station,hence her affinity with the building.

When myself and Soraya reviewed the test shots from my look see we both settled on the portico
as a good location to make this glorious parting shot.
Unlike any other part of this very well known dublin building,It had a fresh comforting,unfamiliar appeal at this particular perspective.

Soraya had come to Dublin after completing her studies,
she craved a break from academic life.
She wished to discover somewhere new,find an uncomplicated job,something to fund her through a long break,a kind of holiday from her actual life.

I know when she looks back at this photo in years to come she will understand everything about the reality of her stay here and how it actually filled in the Gaps for her as she progressed from student to teacher.
Her reason to return to Germany came all of a sudden as she was offered a teaching post she understood would not come her way.

As always this shot was powered by a bowens flash head and battery pack,2 pocket wizards,and of course Brian Dalyand Artur Sikora

It has taken me till friday to make a space to edit this work,
but the wait was worthwhile!
thank you Soraya,and good luck with your recently renewed actual life!!
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  1. my favourite one so far David. all scene really well illuminated.
    ...and all the best for Soraya of course

  2. Another triumph, simply brilliant.

  3. thanks guy's please remember to point people my way especially if they are leaving town!!

  4. great photo,definitely my favourite one. it came out very the gradiation of light and shadow.

  5. thanks monika,
    yes it was a great experience putting this one together!!
    saw your pictures in Blow magazine,well done they looked great!!!

  6. Thank you, and thanks again for all your help in putting this project together!

  7. you are very welcome!!
    Itas always a pleasure to see things moving along!!