Friday, 30 July 2010


Its been a really busy couple of weeks and I seem to be working longer hours than ever. But that all draws to an end soon, and I am really looking forward to travelling back to Bretagne to join up with Carole and my own Little Gráinne(who is actually getting bigger)
I had great photographic fun there in june and I hope to find the same form when I return.
The main reason for my busyness was I managed to secure a job to prepare and print the next exhibition for the national photo archive. Its all done and away at the framers right now so please if you are around Dublin from early august please drop in have a look.The exhibition is called 'Power and Privilege " and takes a revealing look in and around Irish stately homes.

I was very Privileged myself to make a second trip to the home of Conor mcMahon,a man on the move,so to speak.
In a few short days Conor is Packing up and moving to England.
He is going to work for a company that he has done consultancy work for in the past,but as consultancy work is drying up slightly here ,he has decided to take a salaried job,and go where the work is and so Surry is his destination.

I was suprised at first with Conors assertion that his back garden was his favourite place in Dublin and that is where he wished to be photograph.But after a long chat I fully understood that he was very proud of the fact that he had bought and renovated and cared for his own living space and he was really going to miss it most of all when he left.this is what he said specifically about his house" The house is my home and the store of all my effort this last few years. A place to get together with the lads to work on the tunes, or other times where I might draw, conceive new ideas for my next exhibition. It is also my home in this cul-de-sac neighbourhood where I have found myself very much part of the extended neighbourhood family that I became part of 7 years ago now."
May good luck go with you Conor and thank you for this challenge which forced us into a corner from which we had to come out fighting!!
Once more Artur,brian and Gemma made the job not so lonely as I fumbled for a few minutes with a dud set of batteries.All those cool heads saw us right in the end and we where ready to shoot by 11.00..
As I said at the start of this post its been a busy few weeks but its been great to have the space to organise and to shoot three amazing people in three very different locations.
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  1. classic David. as i told you today - well done once again. final image is great!
    by the way... i cant wait to see your prints in photography archive.

  2. me neither,but i will have to wait till late august to see them up!!

  3. Great stuff - a fine portrait of Conor whom I am sad to see leave but the move is beautifully documented. Well done.

  4. mission accomplished!! thank you Orla!
    remember though,its only an hour away and a nice weekend destination!!
    Now lets find the next man on the move!

  5. Hi Dave and gang,Love the honest contrast of this shot. Solid stuff......also the contents of the airing cupboard are so tidy!

  6. mm this sounds like Conor!!thanks for making this possible!!!
    Safe journey!

  7. Great Shot Dave

  8. Wow. I'm famous. I'm on the internet! Looking great Dave, thanks again. A really nice token.

  9. And thank you too Conor hope to get a print too you soon!!

  10. What a beautiful project. I think this is wonderful work - so moving. Major kudos to you.

  11. Hey thanks Noreen,glad you are enjoying it,
    Please direct people to my blog especially those who may be on the move!!