Thursday, 15 July 2010

Tales from the promised land

Last monday night I have to admit I was on a bit of a high.After a week of the amazing photoIreland photofest It was a delight to move on to another phase. The act of making,
Rather than looking.
(that said I am really looking forward to photoireland 2011)
I met Jacinta sheerin last year when a freind asked me to do a publicity photoshoot for an upcoming play.
It turned out Jacinta had co-written and played one of the lead roles.The play waiting for ikea.was a fringe hit and subsequently had successful runs in 2 other dublin theaters.
The same friend on hearing of my project suggested I contact Jacinta again as she was planning to move to London.
This i did last friday she was in Galway till sunday,and moving on tuesday.
Loving the work already shot she agreed to make her self free to shoot monday night.
Now thats painting yourself into a corner!!

She mentioned some grafitti that spoke to her in volumes about social reality in Dublin
and so I went to check out her suggestion!
Saturday and sunday afternoon were spent dodging showers and checking out the angels to find the perfect perspective.
Pinned that down then drew up a plan.
As always Artur Sikora,and Brian Daly were on hand to light up the night,Gemma Geraghty was charged with keeping us all invisible(a job completed with a little help from the Gardaí)
On a technical front we definitely pushed the gear as far as it could go and there was a part of the building we could not light because the little pocket wizards could not do the distance and pass thru walls as well.
To allude to the process of this and all of the leaving dublin shoots to date I have included a little video piece made up of the layers as they where seen on the ground.Leaving dublin is a documentary piece and is shot at night on location,the scene tripodded the set lit with one flash head ,a little bit at a time!
I hope it serves to add to the understanding of this a complex work.
My warmest thanks again to all who have sat for me at this a very emotionally charged time of their lives.
please comment,oh it helps!!
also if curious you can click the title at the top of the page for details of the social redevelopment that has never happened!!


  1. well done!!
    i like the video as well. i can almost see how we were walking around this block haha...
    ....night to remember ;)
    weird place but very inspiring.

  2. Another great one!

  3. Great piece. The video is a great idea. Loved the location.

  4. thanks to all,the video is just to give those with an interest an insight into the process,for me it has its origins many years ago in the film world documenting art works shooting on transparency and trying to combine things like projection,lit 3d objects,and light boxes.
    the trouble was that all these object had their own unique light value
    so I would kill all the lights and shoot one at a time onto one sheet of film using multiple exposures.Now ive dragged this technique into the digital age!!!
    this location indeed was very special
    it speaks volumes for the project and drags it to a new space
    I am glad to remain open to my sitters suggestions as is a major part of the stage on which this project is set!!!

  5. "Tales from the promised land" says it all. Great shot and location!