Thursday, 13 January 2011


The Pheonix Park in Dublin is a pretty big place and no doubt about that.
Having said that I managed to find a place which meant something to our latest sitter Neasa O'Shea Brady
A place where she and her family have often walked and played in the many years they have been living near the park.
The Furry Glen is a little ecosystem within the park a small treelined valley with a pond and all the associated flora and fauna that goes with it. It is indeed a beautiful place and we found ourselves on the edge of it amongst trees Which according to an inscribed memorial stone were planted in 1878. Beeches and scotts pine formed our backround all which have become heavily inscribed over the years be lovers of life and grifitti.I wondered had Neasa an artist about to take flight for New York, ever made her mark .But, I was afraid to ask.Anyhow when that crossed my mind I had I had other things on my mind.

It was pitch dark and very difficult to set up the shot using only a couple of flashlights.But thanks to Artur,hugh and Mel O' Reilly(a new member of our troupe), and a lot of moving around by Neasa we got there eventually.
Neasa and four other friends are off to New york and mostly for the same reasons there is no work for them here in their chosen fields.I have photographed two of the group already Aoife O Donnell and Fiona O Keefe and all of them are off to New york and hope to get internships in the Arts.
They are a very motivated group and I wish them the best and I hope they get all they deserve in their new home,New York.
Things come and things go that's for sure, our country is in a state of disarray It looks like the two Brians, Batty,and the whole bunch of Mary's might be moving sooner than they think.
But one thing is sure that when the dust settles on this troubled era the Furry Glen will be as beautiful a place as it has always been,and the joy of the stroll through the woods is something I hope Neasa and her friends will see again,soon.

This is the last post from my current shooting list current and so I am appealling for new leavers once more
if you know of anybody about to emigrate from Dublin please send them this way.
there is a little video piece on youtube that will get the message across also my viewbook page
has all of the work without the text.
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  1. thunderin' Jasus it's no lark when Dublin City is in the dark.......

    And you want to go up to the "Phoenix Park" to view the zoological Gardens!!

  2. poet s one and all!!(and on the tablets!i!(ipad))
    thanks guys

  3. Amazing location. The darkness behind Neasa is actually more or less how it was all around, isn't it?
    very well done David!

  4. yep pretty dark especially with no street lighting!!

  5. This is a new favourite I really like the location and the tree with all the names carved in.


  6. Thanks J. it really talks to the generations as a result of small things like that!!

  7. Wow, I am glad I looked at this . This is a stunning photograph David, of the Furry Glen... , your sitter and the lighting. Oh how I would love to have some of that knowledge and talent......


  8. you are well on the road Serena,its all about making a decision,and then going at it,and everything from your past becomes a help!!