Thursday, 6 January 2011


Christmas in Dublin this year was great!!and horray it was a white one!!
probably the only white christmas I have ever seen(at least as I remember)
After the november snows when everything really ground to a halt the Christmas fall was perfectly timed for those living in Dublin.(added several shots to my
tree portraits at this time due to magical winter light after snow)
the Snow actually gave us the means to slow down to the holiday.
Afterwards it all melted away beautifully by the 27 and that left the roads clear (and the temperature amiable) to make another glorious parting shot.
This time our Hero was Brendan Rowan.
A recent Science graduate of
Trinity College Dublin Brendan moved to Cardiff in Wales to do a his chosen field.
here is what he had to say" I wasnt forced to leave Ireland ,but the funding for P.H.D.'S isn't there any more meaning there is larger compettion for places.

In the U.K. we are more highly valued and find it easier to get studentships.
As well, it's a chance to live in a new country and get away from the vortex of gloom that is currently overtaking Ireland.
The shot happened on december 28th at about 10 at night at Seapoint just down the road from Monkstown
The temperature had risen to 4 degrees making it a very comfortable shoot after the three previous sub zero sessions.
Artur Sikora accompanied me and looked after all lighting needs for the night.
Big thanks to Brendan,and to Jeannie Wenham for putting him in touch with me.
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  1. Nice David. Ensconsed as I was in the Central hotel, in pint and conversation with friend, nice to think you were out there making use of an especially unseasonably mild evening!

  2. Indeed it was. get it while you can ,thats what I say!!

  3. very quiet night. I like how the stairs and the shelter came out. it has sort of castle look...

  4. I have to say Artur its a great experience seeing all these locations at a time when most are calm and almost deserted.
    it intensifies that surreal feel!!