Sunday, 3 April 2011


Poolbeg and the walk to the lightouse on the southwall of dublin port is a very special place.
I have been there 3 times in the last two weeks and each time the experience was something completely different!
The first visit was a solo one. I went to find some suitable locations for the shot above.There was no one around ,there was just me and the sea,some boats ad the odd aircraft on the standard approach to dublin airport thats so obvious from several locations along the coast.The moon was full and had a huge penumbra which lit me up inside.

The second visit was the night of the shoot when the moon did an amazing thing. It broke the skyline like a giant flaming ball of red, came three quarters of the way over the H line and then disappeared.
Two nights ago I returned to the scene with my good friend Artur to try and recapture some of the wall surfaces that where proving difficult for me to edit into my shot.

This visit was a little scary as the water was a little high and splashing over the sides.
Around the half moon buildings it was very blowy and spray was splashing sporadically onto the causeway.
Very scary indeed but very different every time.An amazing place Indeed.
A love of this place is shared by Marie Carroll,my subject for this glorious parting shot.
She grew up very close to this area and always walked the wall when she lived here.In particular she wanted to have the Poolbeg chimneys standing proud in her shot.
There was at least a fifteen minute walk to the half moon swimming club out and back ,so myself Marie
Artur,Hugh and Chris had a grand chat on the way.
Marie explained to us her reasons for wanting to leave Ireland and her reasons for choosing Australia as a place she wished to work and live.
Marie Qualified in computer science some years ago and since then has worked as a computers and communications recruitment specialist.
As there has been no real movement in the jobs market in the last 3 years she has found herself out of work for most of the last 2 years.
She tried to locate in London but did not like it so she arranged a trip to Australia last year to see if she could find something that she would be happy with.
She found that Brisbane had all she needed so she is there right now.
I hope that she has a really positive experience in Brisbane and she find herself a causeway that compares with that which she had on Poolbeg by the half moon.
So heres to the Half Moon and whites that are whiter than white!!
Artur,and Hugh(Hugh has an exhibition coming up soon),lit all around as usual and we where joined for the first time by Chris O'Rielly who helped us stay safe!!
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Big thanks as always,David


  1. fantastic photograph David.
    the lights around Poolbeg looks like a stars...( metaphor of bright future for Marie?)

  2. hey Artur I think she is a star already!!

  3. Love this place, Dave. Went out here with a friend at 1am one crazy summer night long time ago, and sat for hours at the lighthouse watching the night ships come and go ...